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Western International Introduces the new Global and Intercultural Engagement Certificate

Contemporary globalized society favours university graduates with global and intercultural competencies, and Western International's new Global and Intercultural Engagement Certificate will recognize students' experience and engagement in such activities during their time at Western. The certificate structure allows students to incorporate both curricular and extracurricular activities. Students awarded this certificate will be global-ready graduates: they will have the skills required to negotiate an increasingly globalized reality, both professionally and personally.

Certificate Information Sessions (all sessions will be held in the Chu Centre - WSS 2130)

Please note:  The Certificate is designed for undergraduate students at main campus and the affiliates, and students at in Law and Ivey.  Graduate students are not eligible.  

If you plan on being awarded the Certificate at the end of this academic year, 2013/14, please contact International Learning.  We would like to keep in contact with the first cohort of students for any relevant information or notices.

The Certificate is awarded based on a point system and a final Workshop in Global and Intercultural Competency to be completed when the candidate has completed all of the other requirements.  Student must accumulate 100 points from the 4 Categories outlined on this page, 40 of which are required and must come from Categories 1 and 2 and the other 60 points can be made up of any combination of all Categories without exceeding 50 points in a single Category.  

When submitting your claim forms and workshop package (electronically or in paper), students must fill out the Certificate Overview Form and attach it as the covering letter.  To be awarded the Certificate, students must submit the all of the documentation required -- the Certificate Overview Form, the 4 Claim Forms, and the Course Package from the workshop -- before the last day of class in their final semester.  

Path Examples:

Economics 3312A/B - The Global Trading System 10 points
Economics 3324F/G - Economic Development I 10 points
Economics 3325F/G - Economic Development II 10 points
Economics 3326F/G - The Economic History of Europe I 10 points
Economics 3327F/G - Economic History of Europe II 10 points
Exchange Term to Maastricht University, the Netherlands 20 points
Volunteer in VIP Program at Western International 30 points
TOTAL 100 points









Workshop in Global and Intercultural Competency 

*This is an example of how a student could be awarded the Certificate without second language skills


History 1801 - Major Issues in World History 20 points
History 1805E - Science, Technology and Global History 20 points
Arabic 1030 - Arabic for Beginners 20 points
Western International's Peer Guide Volunteer 20 points
CCLC Conversational Mentor  Volunteer 20 points
TOTAL 100 points






Workshop in Global and Intercultural Competency

*This is an example of how a student could be awarded the Certificate without going abroad, by engaging locally in the university communuty and the community of London

-- OR --

English 2250F/G - Introduction to Cultural Studies 20 points
Student is from Sri Lanka and speaks Sinhala 20 points
International Student Studying at Westerm 20 points
Alternative Spring Break, Nicaragua 20 points
Hindi 1030 - Hindi for Beginners 20 points
TOTAL 100 points








Workshop in Global and Intercultural Competency

*This is an example of how an international student would be able to claim experience toward the certificate