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Applying for Permits and Visas - General Instructions

With the global launch of CIC’s Electronic Applications (e-Apps) for Temporary Resident programs, applicants for Temporary Resident Visas, Visitor Extensions, Study Permits and Work Permits, whether they are in Canada or abroad, are able to submit their applications electronically. Through the e-Apps system, you will be able to pay and submit your application online and upload your supporting documents.
Note: The e-Apps system is not mandatory. Those who wish to submit paper applications to a Case Processing Centre, Canadian Visa Office or a Visa Application Centre (VAC) may still do so.
Applicants for permanent resident, permanent resident travel documents and temporary resident permits, are not eligible to apply online at this time.

Apply Online

STEP 1: Complete the Come to Canada Wizard questions.

Based on your answers, the Come to Canada Wizard (C2C) will determine what you are eligible to apply for and if you are eligible to apply online. If you are eligible to apply online, you will be provided with a Personal Checklist Code (PCC) and a specific document checklist for the application. If you are not eligible to apply online, you will be directed to the paper forms.1

Note: If you are presently in Canada, you should select ‘Canada’ as your current country of residence. (Country of residence means “[t]he country a person is living in. A person’s country of residence may be different from their country or countries of citizenship.”2 

STEP 2: Read the CIC Instruction Guide

Carefully review the application instructions in the relevant CIC Instruction Guide.

STEP 3: Register and Login to your MyCIC account

If you are submitting an online application for the first time, you will first need to register using the secure GCKey or Sign-in Partner, then enroll for a MyCIC account.

STEP 4: Complete the e-App online, when you begin a new application, you will be asked to enter your personal checklist code.

Then complete and upload the application forms and supporting documents to your MyCIC account, according to the document checklist generated in Step 1 above.

Supporting documents must be scanned and then uploaded to your MyCIC account. For each required supporting document only one file can be uploaded.  Multiple pages (e.g., several documents to prove financial support) can be scanned together and saved and uploaded as one file.  Ensure that you scan all required passport pages (including the page with your name, birth date, and country of origin) and save them as one PDF file.  If required passport pages are missing, this will result in the rejection of your application.

All supporting documents must be provided in either English or French. If you have a document in another language, CIC requires an English or French translation, an affidavit by the translator, and certified copy of the original document.3 

STEP 5: Pay the application fee.

“Once the application is complete, applicants will be required to provide their credit card information to pay the applicable fees to the Receiver General of Canada portal. Applicants will then be automatically directed back to their MyCIC account. Clients who are fee exempt, and can upload proof of why they are fee exempt (i.e. an explanation), will bypass the e-Payment step.”6

STEP 6: Submit your application.

Upon submission of your application, you will receive instant confirmation of receipt. You will then automatically receive an acknowledgement receipt generated by GCMS (Global Case Management System) which will contain your application number.7

Apply by Paper to CIC

CIC continues to accept paper applications. Information and application materials are available on the CIC website for the following permits and visas:

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