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English Conversation Program

What is the English Conversation Program?

The main objective of the English Conversation Program is to enhance spoken English Skills and to increase confidence in using conversational English.

Program Structure:

English Conversation sessions last 2 hours, once per week, for 8 weeks each term. Circles are held at various locations on-campus. Participants are matched in circles of 4-9 people based on their schedules.

English Conversation circles are facilitated by trained volunteers in an informal and friendly atmosphere. Circle Leaders may prepare conversation topics, activities, or games based on the interests of each participant.

Who can join?

Members of Western's community whose first language is not English can join (for example, registered international students, spouses, post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars/researchers, etc.).

What can I expect?

The English Conversation Program provides you with the opportunity to:

How do I register?

Fall 2016 ECP Registration is open from September 7-20, 2016.

To register:

Step 1: Complete the online Registration Form (below) between September 7 and September 20, 2016

Step 2: Come to the IESC during ECP Registration Drop-In Hours to pay the $10 registration fee (cash only).

You must complete both Step 1 and Step 2 by the deadline of September 20 at 2:00pm to be registered in the Program.

ECP Registration Drop-In Hours

September 7-20, 2016
10:00 a.m.-2:00p.m.

Note: All new participants will attend a brief welcome meeting with an ECP staff member when they drop in to pay their fee.

Click here to complete the registration form.

What other students say about ECP

Here's what participants of our English Conversation Program had to say about what they have found to be most interesting and beneficial:

"I love being involved in the relaxed and friendly setting which makes me feel more confident in speaking out. Also, the English Conversation leader understands the feelings of our problems as a second language learner."

"The workshop is very useful for me. I have a lot of opportunities to practice spoken English. I have learned more idioms and expressions."

"I learned a lot of idioms in the program and I thought it was really beneficial. Idioms and certain phrases are really difficult for ESL students to pick up in daily conversations. I especially enjoyed the idioms involving food! I had a lot of fun! Debates and discussions about certain topics were really good. Through discussions, I learned about Canadian points of view and also about other cultures."

"I found that it is not only me who has problems adapting to Western society. I felt comfortable speaking with the Conversation Leader and other students. I really enjoyed the program."

"Informal, relaxed, helpful and personable instructor... the teaching materials...and we can ask to learn about what are of most interest to us."

"Our conversation workshop was interesting and helpful ... some terrific conversations!"

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How can I become an English Conversation Leader?