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Accommodation Preferences

Rooms are assigned by lottery. We cannot guarantee that you will receive your choice of room or building. Please indicate your first and second room preference. Please ensure that you make two different choices. Failure to make two choices will result in the computer program making the choices for you. There are no guarantees for room placements.

SOUTHWEST RESIDENCE LOTTERY: Residency for first-year students in the Southwest Residence is limited and extremely competitive. There are only 40 space available: 20 for males and 20 for females.

In an effort to make the room assignment process as fair as possible and still allow applicants to have equal access to the full lottery, a random lottery for Southwest will be run separately. If you wish to be considered for the Southwest lottery and meet the criteria for the Lifestyle floors, please check the box below. The lottery program will only consider those applicants that meet the criteria.

If you are unsuccessful in the Southwest lottery, you will still have three preferences in the full lottery.

There are no guarantees for specific placements in either the Southwest lottery or the full lottery.

HELLMUTH HALL (CO-ED; Smoke-free)                single room with shared bath and compulsory Meal Plan (Hellmuth Single)

 extra-large single room with shared bath and compulsory Meal Plan (Super Single)

O'NEIL/RIDLEY (CO-ED; Smoke-free)                      single room with shared bath and compulsory Meal Plan

SOUTHWEST RESIDENCE (CO-ED; Smoke-free)   single room (suite-style) with shared bath and compulsory Meal Plan

Space for first-year students in the Southwest is limited to lifestyle floor options only.

To be considered for placement in Southwest, you must complete the Lifestyle Floor form which must accompany your application and be submitted by June 1, 2015.

Scholar's Floor (3rd Floor Southwest) - Recipients of the Huron National Scholarships or students with an average of 93% or higher are eligible to apply for this placement. Residents of the floor establish community standards placing emphasis on academic success, including extended quiet hours, and/or group study sessions and special residence activites and programs.

Quiet Study Floor (2nd Floor Southwest) - Students with an average of 82% or higher are eligible to apply for housing on this floor. A 24-hour quiet environment is established on this floor with residents maintaining quiet hours 24 hours a day. Special residence activites and programs are also designed for this community.

Room Assignment Information

We attempt to group students together by matching common interests and lifestyles, especially in the case of room-mates and suitemates. To help us in this process please answer the following questions honestly; inaccurate information can result in inappropriate and unacceptable groupings.

How many hours per week do you spend studying?
When do you go to sleep?
When do you wake up?
Is tidiness important you?
Huron residences are smoke-free. Could you live with someone who smokes?
Generally speaking you are:
Do you prefer a roommate/suitemate who is:
Do you prefer to study in:
Do you sleep with the TV/stereo/radio on?
Do plan to bring a stereo?
Do you plan to bring a TV?

Meal Plan

Every first year student living in residence is required to choose one of the A and B meal plans which are GST and PST exempt.

Select Your Plan: 2015-6 (these rates are subject to change for 2016-2017)

Your meal plan choice can be altered up until October I, 2016 by completing a fom in the Housing & Student Life Office. Your meal plan can be increased by minimal increments of $50.00 up to and including April 30, 2017 through the Administration Office, at the Dining Hall with a personal cheque, VISA, or Interac Bank Cards.

Please check each statement to signify that you have read and understand each statement

Special Notes Regarding Handling of Residence Applications and Waiting Lists

Your application witl not be processed until we received your Payment Inforrnatlon form and deposit of $750.00 In Canadian funds payable to Huron University College by cheque, bank dran or money order. If you withdraw your application prior to July 15, you receive a refund of all but $375, the balance being a non-refundable administration fee. After July 15. the entire $750.00 deposit is non-refundable unless your Residence Application is not accepted. If you are not offered a space in Residence, you be advised that your name is on a waiting list. If, during the time your name is on the waiting list, you withdraw your application, in writing, before we offer you accommodation, your entire $750.00 initial payment will be refunded. Withdrawal of your application in this circumstance should be accomplished by the fastest means and you are responsible for selecting the manner of transmission. If an offer of accommodation is made and you refuse the offer, the entire initial payment will be forfeited. If you cancel your contract, you must notify the Director Of Housing and Organizational Services in writing. Please note that the rates given do not Include the mid-year break (December 23, 2015 - January 4, 2016, inclusive. The Residences are closed and the residents must vacate their rooms during this period.)

The total amount of fees owing can be found on the Huron website, under "student statement of account" in July, 2016.

NOTE: Huron University College reserves the right to amend fees after the printing of this document.

Residence Discipline Code

Room Contact


Housing & Student Life, Huron University College, 1349 Western Road, London, Ontario N6G 1H3 CANADA

Phone: 519-438-7224 ext. 2014, Fax: 519-438-3800, Email: 

IMPORTANT: You must complete all of the steps In the residence application process by 4:00pm on June 1, 2016 to confirm your guaranteed place. Note that forms and/or deposits received after 4:00pm on June 1, 2016 will be placed on the waltlng list In the order

Huron University College reserves the right to amend fees after the submission of this document.