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The Financial Educator

The Financial Educator (TFE) is a comprehensive and interactive website available to assist Western employees at all ages and stages of life with financial planning information and resources. TFE is provided by the Financial Education Institute of Canada, an independent organization specializing in financial education.

TFE includes an online curriculum in a modular format that allows you to learn about topics that matter to you, at your own pace, and from the convenience of your computer at any time. In addition you can access:

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To sign in, you must first obtain the generic Western username and password by contacting Human Resources at or at 519-661-2194. When you use the generic Western username and password to sign in for the first time, you will be asked to subscribe by providing your name and email address. You will then create your own username and password that can be used to access the system in the future.

About the Financial Education Institute of Canada

In addition to the Financial Educator, the Financial Education Institute of Canada also works with Western in providing.

The Financial Education Institute of Canada is committed to providing financial planning, life cycle planning and retirement education to as many employees across Canada as possible. This goal is achieved through the development, design, and delivery of the highest quality distance learning systems, workplace educational programs, financial handbooks and knowledge tools

The Institute adheres to the belief that the greatest benefit an employer can bestow on their employees is the gift of financial education.

Please note: the Financial Education Institute of Canada has been engaged by Western to assist with general investment education for members of the Western retirement plans through the Financial Educator website. The information on the Financial Educator website is not to be construed as financial advice. In addition, Western is not responsible for the content of any such independently operated sites. 

TFE does not maintain information about its users, other than to record the number of users that log-on to the site (for internal use only). The Financial Educator is a secure site that does not employ "cookie" technology; numbers and personal information are erased every time the user leaves the site. This requires anyone wishing to retain their own information, to print or save the page at the time of use, as all user information is deleted upon log-out. Further information regarding security and Terms of Use is displayed at the TFE website.