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Changes To Your Plan

Western's Retirement Income Fund (RIF) Program

The Western Board of Governors on November 20, 2014 approved the appointment of Sun Life Financial as the preferred provider of a Retirement Income Fund for Western retirees.  In 2015, Western's RIF program was discontinued and Western retirees were able to begin investing in the new Sun Life Retirement & Savings Plan for Western retirees.

Remedy payments for Pension Plan errors

Remedial payments to correct an error in the calculation of the value of some investments in Western Pension Plan accounts have now been made, following approval by the Canada Revenue Agency regarding tax implications of the correction.

Marriage breakdown (Bill 133)

New rules that took effect January 1, 2012 affect pension asset division on marriage breakdown.

Changes to CPP

New rules instituted January 1, 2012 affect those 60 to 70 and receiving a CPP retirement pension.

ABCP - Restructuring Plan for non-bank ABCP & Liquidating Trust (2007-2017)

To update members, former members and retirees, regarding the recommended approach, identified by the Joint Pension Board, for the management of the restructured notes received in exchange for the non-bank Asset Backed Commercial Paper held in the Western Retirement Plans.

UWOFA Required Contribution Decision

Pension Required Contribution decision for UWOFA Faculty Members (July 2011).