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Flex Credits for Western Employees

Making the best use of your Health Care Spending Account and your Professional Expense Reimbursement Account

Western provides many of its employees with two spending accounts that can be used to cover a wide variety of expenses.

The two accounts are:

In addition to the two accounts above, Western also offers many employees “Flex Credits”.  These credits can be allocated to either of the two accounts mentioned above. 

Tax rules stipulate that a decision about how much you allocate to each account must be made in the year prior to the year the account is utilized. For instance, in November 2014 you have been asked to make a decision about how you will allocate your funds for use in 2015. If you do not make a decision on how to allocate those funds by December 5, 2014, you still will receive the funds, but a default allocation is made on your behalf, and you may not change it once the deadline has passed.

The Health Care Spending Account and the Professional Expense Reimbursement Account are available to the following employee groups.  Choose your employee group to get details.

UWOFA 2015

UWOFA - Librarians & Archivists 2015

Professional & Managerial Association 2015

UWOPA 2015

Some helpful links

PER/ HCSA FAQs – answers to frequently asked questions about the PER and HCSA

PER Claim Forms – choose the correct form for your employee group under the heading “Professional Development/Expense”

HCSA Claim Form – use this form to make claims against your Health Care Spending Account and Extended Health Care Benefits.

Manulife login – by logging in to your Manulife account using your Group Plan Number, your Member Number and your Manulife password, you can access information about coverage and claims, including HCSA claims. To view your current HCSA balance, choose "My Benefits", then the link that says HCSA Balance)

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