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The GTA-UNION Extened Health Plan

To receive reimbursement from the UWO-GTA Union Health Plan, please download and complete a health claim form. Please attach original receipts.
Policy Year
Health Care Coverage
Maximum Amount Reimbursed
  The maximum amount of fund available to a Graduate Teaching Assistant is based on the number of hours that TA works during the policy year.
  • 50 70 TA hours $150.00
  • 71 140 TA hours $250.00
  • 141 280 TA hours $400.00
  • If your Teaching Assistantship is split into two terms, and you can only show proof of employment for the first term. You can either wait until the second term to submit your claim and receive the full amount or submit your claim in the first term (with proof of TA contract) and receive the maximum amount allotted. Re-submit in the second term (with proof of TA contract) and receive the balance.
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