Postdoctoral Association at Western

2013-2014 Council

Current PAW Council members are listed below. Postdocs wishing to join the Council are encouraged to review available positions, and may contact the association for further information at

NOTE:  It is important to build awareness of postdoctoral scholars at Western and get postdocs participating in the UWO community. If you are interested in a particular topic or issue that is not listed below, we encourage you in letting us know how you would like to get involved. We may be able to tailor a position just for you!

The 2013-2014 Executive Committee

Other PAW Positions

Volunteers Needed - Several Positions to be Filled

We offer an excellent opportunity for you to prove that your qualifications include more than a good publication record. Whether you are seeking a career in academia or industry, it is always an asset to demonstrate a variety of skills obtained through community involvement and organizational governance. Furthermore, most faculty appointments currently require 60% research, 20% teaching and 20% service. Beef up your CV or resume with service experience and be front of the line when your CV is on the desk of a search committee - join the PAW Executive Council! Everyone can contribute, and the more postdocs participate, the greater the benefit for all and the smaller the workload for each of us.

Make the postdoc experience at Western a valuable contribution to your career and personal development, and make it a good experience for others as well by joining the Council! An overview of available positions can be found here.

Past PAW Executive Members (2012-2013)

Past PAW Executive Members (2011-2012)