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    Night on the town: Dinner event at Budapest restaurant

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    Postdoc Appreciation Week: Terry Fox run to support cancer research

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    Postdoc Appreciation Week: Terry Fox run to support cancer research

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    Monthly social: FirstThursday of each month at the Grad Club

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    A warm and caring community: PAW Wellness Brochure now available!

About PAW

Research Program Workshop for Postdocs!

Date: Monday Nov 23 2015

Time: 11am to 3:30pm
Location: AHB 2R23 (SGPS building, up the stairs one level and to the right)
Please register here:
Full description of events here
Take your work to the next level by developing a Research Program! These days, a research project or two will not get you that faculty job. You need a research program that can excite your interviewers, your funders and your future graduate students with a big vision of your impact on your field.
This year, the Postdoctoral Association at Western's (PAW) fall research event will be a hand's-on workshop on developing your own Research Program. This half-day event will feature an expert discussion panel (Drs. Andrew Watson, Lauren Flynn, Amanda Moehring, Souzan Armstrong and John Ronald), followed by a hands-on workshop lead by Dr. Andrew Watson, Associate Dean, Research (Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies), Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. 
Be prepared to show up with your CV and descriptions of your research projects, and leave with a draft of your research program with tips on how to polish it for maximum impact! 
This event counts as a Future Professor Series workshop from the TSC!

Postdoc Appreciation Week: September 20-25

Schedule of events here

Please register!

Town-hall meeting with Dr. Amit Chakma, President of Western University.

Aug 17 2015, 3:30 to 5:00 pm, Rm. 258 Weldon Library.

Please register by emailing Matthew Fox:

We encourage a fruitful discussion from all members of our community at this venue. There will be a question and answer period where the President will take questions from attending postdocs. We also offer you the opportunity to submit to us your questions and comments to the President in advance to ensure your questions get asked. Submissions should be no longer than 200 words and sent by email to before Aug 12th. The PAW exec will group the submissions by topic and you may be asked to present your case at the meeting.

At the end of the meeting there will be additional time for open discussion.
We look forward to your feedback and participation.

Feel free to read the LETTER from the PAW executive to President Chakma.

NPA 2015 Meeting Report by Dr Y Hosein plus Workshop Presentations

2015-2016 PAW Council

The incoming council will take up the following positions starting the 1st of July 2015 for a duration of one year. Here is the incoming council of your Postdoctoral Association at Western (PAW) for 2015-2016:

President: Dr Barat Wolfe (Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing)
Since her arrival to Western in 2014, Barat has been actively involved in the executive council by taking on major responsibilities as the Social Coordinator. Her immediate involvement and dedication have resulted in the successful launch of new activities for postdocs as well as major initiatives such as the planning of the 2015 Postdoc Research Forum.  Barat's commitment to the executive and her outgoing personality have allowed her to connect with postdocs across campus and generate interest and increased participation in PAW. As ​President, Barat will do an outstanding job at representing UWO's postdocs as well as maintaining and improving our current networks.
Update (16 June 2015): Due to upcoming employment, Barat resigned as PAW president-elect. Next in line for the presidency is VP-Internal (Liliana) and she declined. Matt Fox was nominated at the 16 June 2015 council meeting, he accepted the nomination and the motion carried unanimously. As done by Jiro for 2014-15, Matt will serve as both the PAW President and VP-Finance for 2015-2016.

Secretary: Dr Ming Wu (Faculty of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering)
Having recently moved from Australia, where he completed his postgraduate studies and worked as a postdoc, Ming has found it interesting to observe both the differences and similarities between the Australian and Canadian university systems. As a postgraduate student, he was responsible for fundraising and the financial budgeting for the postgraduate group in his department. He is keen to be more involved at Western and to get to know the postdoctoral community here. Monthly Council meeting agenda items can be sent to him at

Vice-President Internal: Dr Liliana Alvarez (School of Occupational Therapy)
Liliana came to Western from Colombia via the University of Alberta where she earned her PhD. Her teaching areas include the impact of neurological and musculoskeletal disorders on occupational performance and participation. Her research interests include community mobility and assistive technology. Since arriving at Western, she has been involved with PAW as our Outreach Coordinator.

Vice-President External: Dr Jiro Inoue (Robarts Research Institute, Imaging Labs)
Jiro studies imaging for interventional cardiology as a postdoctoral fellow at Robarts. He has served on the PAW executive for 2 years (as VP-Internal and President) and has previous experience with NPA, CAPS and ICoRSA. His priorities as VP-External are to represent PAW as a leading postdoctoral association in Canada, and push CAPS to adopt more active and proactive agendas to help postdoctoral scholars in Canada.

Vice-President Finance: Dr Matthew Fox (Robarts Research Institute, Imaging Labs)
Matthew has been an active volunteer member of PAW since September 2014 and he has many years of experience here at Western. He also has extensive management experience which makes him a strong candidate to be your financial representative in PAW as VP Finance.

Vice-President Communications and Social Coordinator: Dr Andrea Di Sebastiano (Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Physiology and Pharmacology)
Andrea is a highly motivated third year postdoc working at the Robarts Research Institute to study the molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative disease. She has previously served on the Society of Graduate Students Council as a graduate student at Western and on the Science Student's Council as an undergraduate student. She is passionate about research and academics, as well as the well-being of Western postdocs. As VP-Communications/Social she wants to foster a collaborative and fun working environment for Western postdocs through strong interdepartmental communication and exciting events. 

Mental Health & Wellness Representative: Dr Yara Hosein (Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Division of Graduate Orthodontics)
Yara moved from her homeland of Trinidad & Tobago in 2004 in order to study medical biophysics. Her PhD research in Biomedical Engineering at Western focused on the surface design and material of cemented orthopaedic implants. As a postdoc, she is looking at the design of miniature orthodontic screws and their performance as anchorage devices in bone. She looks forward to continuing her work in the field of implant stability and expanding into other areas of dental and orthopaedic research. Her large contributions to PAW include serving as our 2014/15 Secretary, starting up our mental health and wellness initiatives and representing us at the NPA 2015 conference.

Check PAW's website to receive up-to-date information on events, professional development opportunities at Western, and relevant advocacy issues. Questions? email us:

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