Testimonials from 2016-2017 Nice Exchange Program Students

Hear from the 2016-2017 exchange students in Nice!

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10/10 would recommend. Best experience ever.


This trip significantly improved my ability to speak French and to understand it when spoken.

Alana Weichel

This exchange was an amazing experience that pushed me out of my comfort zone. I had so many opportunities to learn, travel and meet new people.


Experience of a lifetime that I would re-do a thousand times!

Gregory Butt

Apart from what I believe was a great improvement in my speaking, writing and listening skills in French, I have benefitted immensely from studying so far away from home in a completely different culture and environment. I wish this exchange was a 2-year program and would definitely take the opportunity to do it again in a heartbeat.

Isabella Rivas

Best year of my life. I’ve made incredible friends from all over the world, I’ve learned some great life lessons, and most importantly improved and gained more confidence in my French.


Moving across the ocean, to another continent and another country, has been the most terrifying and exciting experience. I’ve become so much more confident, and not only regarding my French skills. I made lots of friends form around the world and I’m going to me sad saying goodbye to them and to this beautiful city.


This year in Nice has not only improved my French, but has also taught me many life lessons. Such a great program, especially for those who are adventurous!


I was able to learn a lot about new cultures. I made new friends for life.


Le programme d’échange de Nice m’a appris tous les meilleurs aspects de la culture française sur la Côte d’Azur.