2000-Level French Courses

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French courses found in the Academic Calendar but not listed on this page are not currently being offered. The Senate-approved Academic Calendar general course descriptions can be found on the website of the Office of the Registrar.

If you wish to receive a copy of a course syllabus from previous years, please send your request in writing to Syllabi for courses offered in the 2013-14 academic year will be available online after August 1, 2013.  If your course syllabus is not available online after August 1, 2013, please contact your professor directly.

For course descriptions, pre-requisites and anti-requisites, please consult UWO's Academic Calendar.

(**Should there be any discrepancies between the departmental website and that of the Registrar's website, the latter is to be taken as true and correct.  All course information, including but not limited to textbooks and marks breakdown may be changed without notice)

French 2102A/B: Oral French III
Henri Boyi (Course Convenor)

French 2104B: Oral French IV
Henri Boyi (Course Convenor)

French 2111F: Holocaust and Literature
Offered in English

Alain Goldschläger

French 2112G: Sex and Seduction in the French Novel
Offered in English
Christine Roulston

French 2205A: Job-Seeking in French
Chantal Dawar (Course Convenor)

French 2206B: French at Work
Chantal Dawar (Course Convener)

French 2207B: French for Public Administration (ONLINE)
Chantal Dawar (Course Convenor)

French 2208A & French 2208B: French for Healthcare (ONLINE)
Chantal Dawar (Course Convenor)

French 2209A: French for the Media (ONLINE)
Chantal Dawar (Course Convenor)

French 2300: Intensive Translation I (ONLINE)
Valérie Prat

French 2305A: Translation: Comparative Stylistics
Henri Boyi

French 2306B: Translation: Themes and Versions
Henri Boyi

French 2403A/2143A: French & Francophone Cultures: The Art and Culture of Quebec
Paul Venesoen

French 2404B/2144B: French & Francophone Cultures: France: From Enlightenment to Postmodernity
Paul Venesoen

French 2407A/2147A: French & Francophone Cultures: La Francophonie
Henri Boyi

French 2605F: Reading Literature in French: Middle Ages to Romanticism

Jean Leclerc

French 2606G: Reading Literature in French: Modernity to Postmodernity
Karin Schwerdtner

French 2805A: General Linguistics in French: Sound Patterns
François Poiré

French 2806B: General Linguistics in French: From Sound to Meaning

David Heap

French 2900: Language (Advanced Level II)
Sébastien Ruffo (Course Convenor)

French 2905A: Language and Reading (In-class and ONLINE)
Laté Lawson-Hellu (Course Convenor)

French 2906B: Language and Expression (In-class and ONLINE)
Alain Goldschläger (Course Convenor)

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