Linguistics 3100B
Linguistics and Language Impairments

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This interdisciplinary course addresses the contribution of linguistic theory and methodology to the understanding of developmental and acquired language impairments and conversely the contribution of the study of language impairments to linguistic theory, with emphasis on Domain Specific vs Domain General Theories. Brain/Language relationships, developmental considerations and types of language impairments including: Morpho-syntactic, semantic-pragmatic and pragmatic will be examined.

Acquire understanding of the applications of linguistic theory and methodology to the description of developmental and acquired language impairments. Specifically students will acquire:

  1. Knowledge of foundational concepts entailed in the representation of language in the brain
  2. Knowledge of developmental and acquired impairments and how they are different
  3. Knowledge of linguistic descriptive procedures necessary in the description of language impairments and their applications for clinical utilization
  4. Exposure to application of linguistic description to samples of impaired language
  5. Knowledge of the reciprocal contributions of linguistic theory on the clinical understanding of language impairments

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