Linguistics 2186B
Introduction to Language & Gender

Syllabus - Click here to download

Course Description: This course explores the multiple relationships between language and gender. The communicative styles used by women and men in a range of situational and cultural contexts will be examined, as will the interrelatedness of gender with other social identities  in language use. We will consider issues concerning language structure and ideology, including sexism in English and the relative success of gender-based language reforms. In examining how women and men speak and are spoken of, you will be expected to go beyond stereotypes and “accepted” beliefs in order to evaluate claims about language and gender in a way which is informed by linguistic research. The course’s goals include students achieving an understanding of the major issues in language and gender research and a familiarity with important research in the field.

Required text: Penelope Eckert & Sally McConnell-Ginet. 2013. Language and Gender (ISBN: 978-1-107-659936-0) Cambridge University Press. Additional readings (available either online, on reserve at Weldon Library, to be announced later) will also be required.




 (best 10, out of at least 11)



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