French 3140B
Rwanda: Culture, Society and Reconstruction

Experiential Learning Course (Winter through Spring)


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This is an Interdisciplinary Experiential Learning Course on Rwanda, based in the Department of French Studies in Rwanda, which intends to give opportunities to UWO students who would like to learn more about the society and about themselves by serving in an international social and cultural setting. The readings for the course will deal with issues related to the history and culture of Rwanda, and will offer an in-depth look at a number of contemporary social issues. Guest lecturers will be invited to speak to the class. A stay in Rwanda of four to six weeks will be required for the completion of the course. Students will also work with agencies that offer community services in London in order to gain local experiential and service learning before going to Rwanda.


  • To learn about the history, the culture and the people of Rwanda
  • To give students an opportunity to immerse themselves in an international community/society
  • To offer opportunities for international internships and service learning activities in Rwanda and allow students to develop intercultural competence.
  • To increase students’ clear  understanding of the needs of global communities through effective international experiential learning
  • To take part in Western’s commitment to Engaging the Future in the areas of internationalization and the best student experience.

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