Linguistics 2244A: Second Language Acquisition



Saville-Troike, Muriel (2006). Introducing Second Language Acquisition. Cambridge
University Press.

Course Content and Aims:
This course provides an overview of research on naturalistic and instructed second language acquisition (SLA). We will examine several theoretical frameworks that have been used to look at the basic issues of Second Language Acquisition including Cognitive Linguistic, Psychological and Social approaches. The course will begin with a review of certain basic linguistic concepts. There will be a
brief overview of first language acquisition.
The body of the course will examine the age factor in SLA, the role of the native or other languages, the role of universal principles, interlanguage processing, the social context, the relation between input, interactions and output, individual variables, etc.

This is not a language pedagogy course. It will be largely based on empirical research and
data, particularly in relation to English, Spanish and French SLA, although other
languages may be touched on.

Mark Breakdown:
• Assignments, readings, preparation, participation 20
• 2 problem sets 10
• Mid term exam 20
• Research paper on a particular language (5 to 8 pages, plus notes) 20
• Final exam 30

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