French 3201E
Business French Writing


Professors: Larissa Sloutsky and Myriam St-Maurice

Course description
This course covers a wide range of current socio-economic and business topics in Canada and
France. Authentic business documents, press articles and internet resources are used throughout
the course to reinforce new business terminology. The convenient online format is designed to be
interactive and fun! No previous business knowledge is required.

• Vocabulaire progressif du français des affaires, J-L Penfornis, 2004, CLE International,
ISBN 20 9033803 2
• Vocabulaire progressif du français des affaires: Corrigés, J-L Penfornis, 2004, CLE
International, ISBN 20 9033807 5
• Business French FR 346E coursepack available through Inprint on campus. You can
order/pick it up on campus (it will be available soon) or you can have it mailed to you by
calling (519) 661-3578.
• I also strongly recommend “Le Robert et Collins du Management Pratique”,
Dictionnaires Le Robert, Paris, 1999” (around $ 25.00 + tax). It can be ordered through
the UWO Bookstore at (519) 661-3520.

Assignments and evaluation
• 2 Devoirs - (15 % and around 1500 words each): 30%
• 3 online tests (8% each): 24%
• Participation on the discussion board: 10%
• Journal (Carnet d’étudiant): 6%
• Final Exam: 30% (at exam centres; no aids allowed)

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