French 2406A/B & 2146A/B French & Francophone Cultures: La France


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French 2406B/2146B for 2013 is one of two half-courses designed to give students a better knowledge and understanding of France, its history and its culture.  The course is on a yearly rotation of content with 2404B/2144B.  Both courses aim not only to inform students of France’s history and culture, but to also shed some light on the complex and culturally diverse persona of the French.  The course is given in French and consists of lectures incorporating digital slides, internet content and videos.

French 2406B students:  This course is applicable towards the Program Modules offered by the Department of French Studies.

French 2146B students:  This course is not applicable towards the Program Modules offered by the Department of French Studies.

For the Winter Term 2013, the topics covered are:

  • the geography and climate of the country
  • the prehistory and antiquity of France
  • the Middle Ages and the early dynasties
  • the 16th century and the Renaissance
  • the 17th century and absolutism

By the end of the course, students will be expected to:

  • be able to identify some of the major geographical locations and other landmarks in France.
  • have a basic understanding of the historical, social and cultural development of the country, up to the end of the 17th century.
  • be able to identify some of the important historical, social and cultural figures, events and achievements throughout the centuries.
  • acquire a better understanding of what it is to be French, including an appreciation of France’s contributions to early Western civilization.

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There are no textbooks or manuals for the course.  All course material is available online.

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