The Third Year in Nice Exchange Program

An incredible, eye-opening experience in a very different culture. My level of vocabulary, fluency and confidence has improved immensely. (Victoria − University of Western Ontario)

This has been the year of my life! There were many hurdles, but having accomplished this much has given me more confidence.
(Memorial University of Newfoundland student)

The exchange was wonderful! The memories will last a lifetime and the experience will make you a better person.
(Dylan − University of Western Ontario)

This exchange has been the best and the most important year for me. The opportunity to improve your French, learn from and experience another wonderful culture and travel has been incredible. Students on this exchange won't want to leave!
(Melanie − University of Guelph)

Being on my own in a different country definitely made me more self-sufficient and independent. This exchange was everything I expected and so much more!  I was able to improve my knowledge of the language, immerse myself in the everyday life, and become friends with students from all over the world! This past year has given me a new outlook on life with new ambitions and goals for myself. I am very glad that I went on exchange. It was truly the experience of a lifetime!
(Emma − University of Windsor)

Nice has been the most excellent experience! Aside from a serious improvement in written and spoken French, the friends I have met here will never be forgotten. Personally and academically, the most rewarding thing I have ever done.
(Sarah − Wilfrid Laurier University)

Not only did the exchange help me to improve my French skills, it also opened my mind to new ways of life. I learned quickly about fending for myself in a strange country and about dealing with people who have different values than I do.
(Debbie − University of Windsor)

My year in Nice was enriching in many ways. Being constantly exposed to the French language is the greatest benefit. Also, my friendships with French and other international students were a highlight; and especially as an Italian student I appreciated the short distance to Italy.
(Kara − University of Guelph)

This exchange has been an incredible experience for me. I can't think of any other way to learn the things I have learned this year, than to spend a year in the South of France. Not only have I improved my French writing and speaking, but I have also met lots of new friends and seen great places!
(Jane − University of Western Ontario)

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