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Virtue, Gender and the Authentic Self in Eighteenth-Century Fiction: Richardson, Rousseau, and Laclos. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 1998.  211pp.

Narrating Marriage in Eighteenth-Century England and France. Burlington, VT: Ashgate Press, 2010. 240 pp. is now available at:

Chapters in Books

“Marriage, Sexuality and the Meaning of the Wedding Night in Eighteenth-Century France.” Heteronormativity in the Eighteenth Century. Eds Ana Boe and Abby Coykendall, Burlington, VT: Ashgate Press, forthcoming Spring 2014.

“‘A Thing Perhaps Impossible’: The 1811 Woods/Pirie Trial and Its Legacies.” Developments in the Histories of Sexualities 1600-1800; In Search of the Normal. Eds. Caroline Gonda and Chris Mounsey, Bucknell University Press, 2013. Pp. 125-144.

“Having it Both Ways? The Eighteenth-Century Ménage-à-Trois.” Queer People: Negotiations and Expressions of Homosexuality, 1700-1800. Eds. Chris Mounsey and Caroline Gonda.  Lewisburg: Bucknell University Press, 2007. 274-298.

Articles in Refereed Journals

"New Approaches to the Queer Eighteenth Century." Literature Compass 10.10 (2013): 761-770.

“The Revolting Anne Lister: the U.K.'s First Modern Lesbian.” The Journal of Lesbian Studies: Revolting Bodies: Desiring Lesbians Special Issue, 17:3-4 (Spring 2013): 267-278.

“Space and the Representation of Marriage in Eighteenth-Century Advice Literature.” The Eighteenth Century: Theory and Interpretation, 49.1 (Spring 2008): 25-41.

“Framing Sensibility: The Female Couple in Art and Narrative.” Eds. Caroline Gonda and Chris Mounsey. Special Issue for Studies in English Literature: Friendship and Same-Sex Love (SEL), 46.3 (Summer 2006): 641-655.

Book Reviews

Mary Trouille, Wife-Abuse in Eighteeenth-Century France. Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century (SVEC). Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, 2009:1. 377 pages. Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, forthcoming.

Le corps romanesque: Images et usages topiques sous l’ancien régime. Eds. Monique Moser-Verray, Lucie Desjardins, Chantal Turbide. Québec: Les Presses de l’université de Laval, 2009. 662 pages. University of Toronto Quarterly 80.2 (Spring 2011): 582-587.

Work in Progress

“Lesbianism on Trial: An Enquiry into Cases of Deviant Female Sexuality from the Nineteenth to the Early Twentieth Centuries.” SSHRC-funded three-year research project, 2009-2012.

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