Procurement Services: Preparing to Buy

There are several methods that can be used to procure goods and services. Your method will depend on the type of goods or services you are procuring, the speed with which you need them and the repeatability of your purchase. 

Procurement Services has negotiated system contracts with several vendors for the lower value, higher volume purchases like lab supplies, florists, and envelopes.  The purchasing card is also a valuable tool for low value purchases.  Standing orders support repeatable orders that do not fit into the categories previously mentioned.  And regular purchase orders are for higher valued items and form part of the contract with the suppliers. 

Please explore the categories on this page for more details on each method of procuring goods and services.

Acquisition of Computer Equipment

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Commodity / Buyer Index

We divide our services by product (commodity) instead of by user group. In other words, one person is responsible for all office products while another handles all scientific products. This type of system allows greater opportunity for things like volume purchasing for better pricing, product knowledge and improved vendor relations.

The following Commodity / Buyer Index list, together with the Directory of Procurement Services Staff will let you find the person who can best help you in specific areas.

Competitive Bid Process Requirements

The Board of Governors Policy 2.8 Purchase of Materials and Services (.pdf) clearly outlines the requirements for the competitive bidding process required depending on the value of the materials and services you are interested in procuring. The highlights are shown below:

tenders preferably from a pre-qualification process.

For complete details please review the Policy (.pdf)

Securing written quotations is a sound method of obtaining prices, maintaining good supplier relations, and ensuring economical use of University funds.

Procurement Services generally solicits quotations by use of a REQUEST FOR QUOTATION form. This form provides for details such as applicable taxes, duty, terms of payment, f.o.b. point, etc.: all important factors in determining landed cost. In addition, use of this form assures a degree of fairness in that all suppliers are given the same information and the same amount of time to reply. Procurement Services encourages this form of communication to obtain prices.

When a Requisitioner would like the Procurement Services to solicit quotations, the Requisitioner is requested to submit a memo to Procurement Services and indicate quantities, specification of product, and suggested suppliers. Copies of all quotations obtained will be sent to the Requisitioner (usually within two weeks).

Please note quotations are completely confidential and must not be discussed with a competitor's representative.

Moving Companies
Local Moving Company Long Distance Moving Company

Secured Shipping and Delivery Inc (SS&D)
74 Erica Crescent
London, Ontario N6E 3P5

Account Manager: Shafic El-Hawari
Telephone: (519) 852-6683

Armstrong International Moving
630 Secretariat Court
Mississauga Ontario
L5S 2A5

Account Coordinator: Angelo Lepore
Telephone: (905) 795-6680
Facsimile: (905) 670-0764

Direct questions or problems to:
Manager, Customs & Logistics
Procurement Services
Suite 6100 Support Services Building
Telephone: 661-2042 Ext. 88120

Multi Functional Device Implementation

After completing a competitive and comprehensive RFP process in partnership with the University of Guelph, Fanshawe College, Trent University and the Thames Valley District School Board, Western Procurement Services is pleased to announce a new vendor agreement with Toshiba of Canada and OE Canada Inc. to replace the current fleet of Toshiba Multifunction Devices (MFD’s) with new leading edge multifunctional printers.

Please click here for more informaiton.

One Time Payments

Occasionally, University employees are engaged as a supplier by either the department that regularly employs them or other departments to carry out work for which they are particularly talented but outside of their normal job after regular hours of work (e.g. photography, slide preparation, consulting, servicing of equipment). Because of the high potential for conflict of interest (see Board policy) and other abuses, the use of University employees as a supplier is discouraged. If you are faced with this situation then please contact Procurement Services or the Director of Procurement Services for the correct process to follow.

Petty Cash Purchases

Sundry purchases of goods or services not exceeding $100 each may be obtained from a petty cash fund without prior approval of the Procurement Services. Purchases of this type should not include items readily available from campus supply rooms. Other uses of the petty cash fund are for the payment of incoming C.O.D. or outgoing prepaid transportation charges and local travel expenses.

Purchasing Cards are available for use instead of petty cash, please contact Financial Services, Procurement Services for information on this program.

The Western Cashier (Financial Services) maintains a petty cash fund which may be used by all Faculties, Departments and Research Grant holders. As well, Faculties and Departments may administer their own petty cash funds. Such funds may be arranged through the Corporate Accounting Office.

Petty Cash Vouchers are available online

Sustainable Purchasing Guide

Procurement Services have developed the Sustainable Purchasing Guide as a tool to share our recommendations for purchasing products that balance economic, environmental and social benefits. In an effort to further advance Western's sustainability efforts. View the Sustainable Purchasing Guide.

Systems Contracts / Preferred Suppliers

Procurement Services has negotiated several systems contracts and supply agreements to obtain better value and to simplify the procedure for acquiring specific goods and services. View the Supply Contracts / Preferred Suppliers list.

Goods and Services and Harmonized Taxes

Most goods and services consumed in Ontario are subject to the 13% harmonized sales tax (HST) imposed by the government which consists of an 8% provincial component and a 5% federal component. The University is eligible for rebates on these taxes at a rate of 67% on the federal component and 78% on the provincial component. If goods and services being procured are not consumed in Ontario, they may be subject to the taxes applicable in the province or state where they are consumed. Questions concerning the taxable nature of a particular item should be directed to any Procurement Manager.

Travel Expense Reports

The Travel Expense Reports is used to clear advances or to reimburse the claimant for travel-related expenses such as transportation costs, hotel bills, car rentals, parking and meals.

The Travel Expense Reports may also be used for small valued purchases not exceeding $50 per transaction such as books, magazine subscriptions and renewals related to University business. The title of the publication must be indicated on the TRAVEL EXPENSE REPORT. Acceptable proof of payment for these purposes include the customer copy of a credit card sales slip, the canceled cheque, the sender's copy of a money order or a cash register slip.

Travel Expense Reports are available from Financial Services.

For a more extensive listo of services, check Travel section of our website.

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