Procurement Services: Policies and Procedures

Our objective is to look after your needs. We want to provide you with the right goods or services, at the right time, at the right price and on a continuing basis. Highlights of our policies say that we are to ensure economical use of University funds, ensure ethical buying practices, maintain good supplier relations, and ensure compliance with the regulations governing taxes, accounting procedures and other related University policies.

When we sign your requisition it becomes our Purchase Order and we must ensure that the judgement used in issuing the order was based on sound purchasing principles in accordance with these policies.

Conflict of Interest

A conflict of interest exists when an employee can make personal gains from an outside interest by their ability to influence dealings for the University or any other transaction which otherwise inhibits the impartiality of the employee's business judgement. Consequently, the University as a general rule, does not enter into purchasing contracts with students, faculty, and staff or members of their immediate families.

Acquisitions from a business in which an employee has an interest is prohibited unless full disclosure of the background facts are presented to Procurement Services. This information is reviewed by the Director of Procurement Services for a decision on whether a conflict of interest is present and, if so, what course of action is to be taken.


The majority of transactions relating to purchasing are of a confidential nature and should be treated as such, especially with regard to our suppliers. It is unethical as well as damaging to the University's reputation to allow information about one vendor's quotation to pass to another vendor. This includes indirect methods such as overheard telephone calls, documentation left on desks during vendor interviews and conversations within hearing of vendors in other offices. An awareness of this sort of situation should be created so that it may be avoided.

Ethical Practices
Gifts and Gratuities

Association with supplier's representatives at luncheons or business meetings can be helpful in establishing better business understanding provided the buyer keeps himself/herself free of obligations. It is, of course, difficult always to distinguish between legitimate expenditures by suppliers in the interest of goodwill and illegitimate expenditures made in an attempt to place the buyer under some obligation to the vendor.

Personal Purchases

Procurement Services is not permitted to purchase items for the personal use of employees of the University except under special circumstances approved by the Vice President - Administration.

Purchasing Card Program

The Visa P-card allows you to obtain your goods more quickly and pay for them immediately while providing you the flexibility to make purchases at your convenience. Learn more

Purchase Orders

For specifics of Purchase Orders please visit Prepare to Buy section.

Standing Purchase Orders

For specifics of Standing Purchase Orders please visit Prepare to Buy section.

Sustainability Procurement Policy
Systems Contracts / Preferred Suppliers

Procurement Services has negotiated several systems contracts and supply agreements to obtain better value and to simplify the procedure for acquiring specific goods and services. View the Systems Contracts / Preferred Suppliers list.

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