Stationery Supplies

New Paper Contract with Grand & Toy

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Grand & Toy on a new, multi-purpose paper contract.  This continued partnership with Grand & Toy will provide you with the added benefits of:

  • One stop shopping-Now you can order your office supplies and paper from one website;
  • One delivery- Your paper will now be delivered next day, along with any other office supplies you may have ordered;
  • Less Environmental Impact- combining the delivery of paper and stationery minimizes our carbon footprint and fewer trucks on campus decreases the emissions entering our environment;
  • No minimum order- You can order one package or a whole skid.  There are no minimum paper orders with Grand & Toy;
  • Cost savings- Our new contract provides you with a savings of almost $7 per box! 

If you require an account to order stationery supplies please complete the Stationery Account form and return to Procurement Services or contact Procurement Services at or X87928 for assistance.

Toner Recycling Program

Western is now taking part in the THINK! program offered by Grand & Toy.  The program is available to all Grand & Toy account holders.

Here's how the program through Western works:

If you have placed an order and receive delivery, you can just give the empty cartridges to the driver to be returned with no formal request using the THINK program.

If you are not placing an order for an extended period of time, you can log into the Grand & Toy website and fill out a request to have your empty toner picked up. The driver will make a special trip to see you within 48 -72 hours and pick up your empty toner. 

Your Toshiba toner cartridges can also be recycled through this program. 

This will be the only method of toner recycling on campus.  Facilities will be removing the toner recycling bins from the various buildings but will continue to provide Western with the battery recycling program.

How-to Guide for Toner Recycling through Grand & Toy

Recent FAQs

Q. Where do I get Scantron sheets and Exam booklets?
A. Facilities Management supplies Scantron sheets and Exam booklets, please contact Facilities Management Stores at ext. 88706 

Q. How do we pay for supplies with Grand & Toy, invoice or credit card
A. Grand and Toy orders are paid by P-card (Visa).  If Procurement Services received your P-card information prior to the launch date of Aug 1st  it will automatically be tied to your account, if we don’t have your information on file you are able to manually enter the P-card information.  If you would like a P-card to be tied to your account please complete the Stationery Account form and send to Procurement Services at

Q. Do we order batteries from Grand and Toy now that Western has changed the ordering process?
A.  Yes.  Please reference the Stationery Supplies tip sheet if you are unsure of where to order your supplies or you can contact for assistance.


Stationery Supplies are purchased from the following suppliers:


Stationery                                                                                  Grand & Toy

Paper                                                                                         Grand & Toy

Samsung/Toshiba MFD Supplies (Toner/Staples)                          OE Canada


 Please use the resources below if you require assistance. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact any of the following Procurement Services staff who will gladly assist you with your inquiries:

Central Supplies –  x 87928

Paula Granger - Procurement Supervisor - x84579

Peter Jeffs – Procurement Manager, Business Products –  x 84584

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