Procurement Services: CFI Purchase Orders

A: General Information

A CFI Purchase Order is issued from your CFI Purchase Requisition. In most cases, CFI Purchase Requisitions are processed the same day they are received by Procurement Services. The following procedures provide a general description of the steps that the Procurement Services follows when a CFI Purchase Requisition set is received.

B: Issuing a CFI Purchase Order

  1. 1. The CFI Requisition is stamped with the date and time received and checked for proper signing authority.
  2. The data shown on the CFI Requisition is edited and the top shaded line information - P.O. DATE, TERMS, etc. - is completed. The tax and duty status are determined and applied, the prices are extended, the order is totaled, and the amount to be committed is entered against the appropriate account(s). The Supplier Code is determined and the Supplier name and address are typed on the Requisition set.
  3. Other information (e.g. product classification) is also completed for subsequent entry into the computer file.
  4. It is necessary to forward the Order to the Research Accounting Section, Department of Finance for account approval. If the Order is over $750,000 and $1,500,000, it is referred to the Vice President Administration or the President, and the Board of Governors respectively for approval. These steps can extend the processing time.
  5. After the above steps have been completed, the signed CFI Order is stamped with a Purchase Order number and the five copies of the order are distributed as follows:
  • Part 1 - the purple Procurement Services copy is filed numerically by Purchase Order number in the Procurement Services File Room.
  • Part 4 - the light yellow requisitioner's copy is returned to the Requisitioning Department for use by the person who is responsible for verifying and reporting the receipt of goods.
  • Part 5 - the pink Department Acknowledgement copy is returned to the Requisitioning Department for filing.

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