Western HST Committee Members


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• Carter Scott, Controller (Chair)

• Lynn Logan, Associate Vice-President (Financial Services)

• Rick Campbell, Financial Analysis and Budget Administration Manager

• Elizabeth Krische, Director of Purchasing

• Bill Mathers, Director, Financial Information Systems

• Deanne Babcock, Research Accounting Manager

• Katherine Wojtowich, Financial Officer Accounts Receivable

• Sandy Phillip, General Accounting Manager

• Kim Groves, Financial Officer Special Funds

• Norma Last, Institutional Planning and Budgeting

• Paul Martin, Director Business Operations (Physical Plant & Capital Planning)

• Marian Wynen, HST Project Coordinator



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Email: hst@uwo.ca


Western HST Bulletins

General Impact of HST
(PDF, 106KB)

Research Funded Purchases (PDF, 90KB)


HST and Western Purchasing - March 1, 2010 (PDF, 1.7MB)

HST and Western Administrative Officers - February 24, 2010 (PDF, 537KB)

HST and Western Ancillary Operations - February 3, 2010 (PDF, 676KB)

HST - Getting Ready! Issues for The University of Western Ontario - January 26, 2010 (PDF, 315KB)

HST - Getting Ready! Issues for The University of Western Ontario - December 22, 2009 (PDF, 389KB)


Specific application of the HST rules and requirements can be very detailed, depending on the nature of your business... [Learn more]


Tax status chart (PDF, 147KB)

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