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Library resources
A part of the Film Resource Centre, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities’ Martin Walsh Film Library contains more than 450 16mm film prints. The Centre’s video archive consists of over 8000 titles in the following formats: DVD, Laser Disc, and VHS tape.

The Weldon Library has extensive Film Studies holdings, including such journals as Screen; Cinema Journal; The Velvet Light Trap; Camera Obscura; Film and History; The Moving Image, Canadian Journal of Film Studies, Playback and Wide Angle. Please visit our collection online:

Library Collections in Film Studies

Since the creation of the Department of Film Studies in 2004, Western Libraries has increased funding in support of teaching and research for Film Studies materials. Retrospective ordering of monographic items from specialized publishers such as BFI [British Film Institute] and Wallflower Press has gone a long way to enlarging our collection. Some additional Film Studies periodicals have also been added to the collection in the past 2 years in support of the expanded Film Studies program. Western Libraries recognizes that the increase in research activity in this area requires additional funding support to ensure that materials, either in print or electronic format, are readily available.

Western Libraries has a strong collection of recent (since 1999) monographic materials in support of Film Studies. Relevant materials may be found not only in the holdings of the D. B. Weldon Library, but also in those of the 3 Affiliated University Colleges, St. Peter’s Seminary Library and several Campus Resource Centres. Materials from all of those collections would, of course, be accessible to any UWO students and faculty.

In terms of the quality of the material, care is taken in selection of materials to ensure that relevant scholarly material is purchased. Recommendations from faculty have been solicited and acted on by the Subject Librarian. Book review sources such as Film Quarterly, Choice and Library Journal provide inform library expenditures. In comparing our holdings to the list of recommended books for Film Studies that was recently published in Best Books for Academic Libraries, it was found that of the 911 titles in the call number range that includes material for Film Studies, 708 (77.72 %) are owned by Western Libraries. Items from this list that are not yet owned that are still available are slated to be purchased in the next few months.

It must be noted that this survey of the collection only includes those items that are classified in the PN1992-PN1999 range of the Library of Congress classification scheme. While the majority of Film Studies material will be located in that section, there is certainly other relevant material in the areas of English, Modern Languages & Literatures and Media, Information & Technoculture that will also provide research support to Graduate Students investigating Film-related topics. All of those departments have been expanding their research and teaching in the area of Culture Studies and Western Libraries has responded to ensure that resources are available.

A search of the Western Libraries Shared Catalogue for the subject “Motion pictures – periodicals” retrieves 139 titles that meet that criteria. The collection in support of related subject areas such as English, Modern Languages & Literature and Visual Culture would lend additional support to researchers in the area of Film Studies.

Since 2004 several new subscriptions have been ordered to increase support to Film Studies. Some are individual subscriptions and others are now available as part of packages of electronic resources to which Western Libraries subscribes. Among those titles are:
• Film criticism
• Historical journal of film, radio and television
• Journal of film and video
• Kinema
• Literature/Film quarterly
• Moving image
• New cinemas: journal of contemporary film
• Point of view
• Spectator (Division of Critical Studies on the School of Cinema-Television, USC)
• Studies in French Cinema

It is hoped that in the next two or three years, subscriptions to other titles can be added to the collection.

Databases and Indexes:
Western Libraries subscribes to the following bibliographic databases that provide references and often links to the full text version of relevant research literature:
Arts & Humanities Citation Index
Film Literature Index
International Film Archive
International Index to the Performing Arts

MLA International Bibliography:
Western Libraries also provides access to a full range of bibliographic databases in related topics such as visual arts (Bibliography of the History of Art, Art Bibliographies Modern, Art Index), Women’s Studies (Gender Studies database, Contemporary Women’s Issues) History ( America: History and Library, Historical Abstracts) and Media Studies (Communication Abstracts).

All of these resources are available either in the library or remotely through the Western Libraries proxy server.

Video Resources and other formats:
Western Libraries purchases videos in either VHS or DVD format on request and when Public Performance Rights are available. The Film Resource Centre in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities provides the bulk of the video resources in support of Film Studies.

Library Services:
Western Libraries, as a member of the Ontario Council of University Libraries, participates in an Interlibrary Loans system called Racer to which all students have access. Materials can be borrowed or copied from collections across the province, across the country or internationally if necessary. Nominal fees apply to the cost of copying from other institutions, but no charges are levied for borrowing. This system makes access to all sorts of research materials available.

Through Western Libraries students also have access to a web-based bibliographic management system called RefWorks that facilitates the creation and maintenance of bibliographies of research material.

Research assistance is available to all students, especially graduate students through the Research & Instructional Services department in Weldon Library. The Subject Librarian for Film Studies can also provide in-depth assistance in the effective use of our resources.

Audio Visual Resources

Audio/Visual Equipment
Technical Services has a variety of equipment available for sign-out. This equipment includes video production equipment, data projectors, audio cassette players/recorders, DVD and laserdisc players, film and slide projectors. These items can be signed out in UC 83A.

The Video Production Equipment consists of 5 prosumer digital video cameras, 3 consumer digital cameras, 1 digital still camera, 6 tripods, 3 pro studio lighting kits, 2 shotgun mics and boom poles, 2 wireless mics, 1 field recorder, 3 16 mm cameras, 2 super 8 mm cameras and a 16mm film editing table.

Audio/Video Recording and Editing
This service is available in UC 32 for faculty and for students working on course assignments involving audio and video compilation. The facility comprises professional digital A/V editing suites, a sound recording booth, and a multi-format copy suite. The video editing suites are: 4 iMacs with iMovie and Final Cut Pro and 1 Avid editing suite. The iMac editing suites are available 24/7. Instruction and assistance for use of the Audio/Video Recording and Editing services must be arranged in advance by attending a workshop and booking time on the equipment that is to be used.

Film Resource Centre and A/V Lab
The Film Resource Centre, located in UC 1, is managed by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities' Department of Technical Services. Its function is to assist students and faculty with study and research of any film or film-related topics within Arts and Humanities.

As noted above our archive is comprised of over 8000 titles in a variety of formats. We have a lab comprised of 15 viewing stations equipped with VCR's, and DVD players, available to both students and faculty. Two computer stations provide access to the film and video collection’s online catalogue.

Computer facilities
All students are provided with an email account, and have access to shared computer facilities with internet connections, word processing software, printers, and scanners. These facilities are located in the Graduate Computing Lab in University College, the General Computing Lab in University, and the Hypermedia Lab (for designated research projects).

The administrative office space for the MA program is located in the Department of Film Studies office area. Each graduate faculty member has private office space, computer, and telephone. The department provides a large MA common area in UC 81 which will house up to eleven MA student study carrels. The building has wireless capabilities, but computer hook-ups are also available in each office. University policy provides for private offices and telephones for faculty members. Two specialized classrooms with large screens, ceiling-mounted digital projectors and racks containing computers, DVD, VHS, and Laser Disk players are controlled by the Department. 16 mm projection is also available in these rooms. The Department has a budget for projectionists.

Department of Film Studies - Western University
University College Building, Room 79
London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 3K7
Tel: 519.661.3307

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