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A Public Lecture by Media Scholar Thomas Lamarre, McGill University
Wed., March 18, 4:30pm, AHB 3B02

Thomas Lamarre, Professor in East Asian Studies, Art History, and Communication Studies at McGill University, discussed the transnational and transmedial movement of the Japanese anime series Hana yori dango (Boys Before Flowers) and Captain Tsubasa within the context of contemporary "Asianism." This event was sponsored by The Visual Cultures Research Group.

Milcho Manchevski - 2011

Academy-award nominated director Milcho Manchevski visited our department on 18 March 2011 when he led a production workshop with our students and participated in a Q & A session with the audience attending a screening of his film DUST. Please click on the screen to view excerpts from this discussion.

Milcho Manchevski wrote and directed the feature films BEFORE THE RAIN (1994), DUST (2001), SHADOWS (2007) and MOTHERS (2011).

BEFORE THE RAIN won an Academy-Award nomination and thirty awards, including Golden Lion for Best Film in Venice, Independent Spirit, FIPRESCI, UNESCO, best film of the year in Argentina, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, and other awards in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, etc.

The New York Times included BEFORE THE RAIN on its list of the best 1,000 films ever made.

Ron Mann

A very generous friend to Film Studies at UWO, sharing Grass (1999), Know Your Mushrooms (2009) and now In the Wake of the Flood (2010) with Western audiences, documentary filmmaker Ron Mann took some time to reflect on the value of a Humanities-based Film Studies degree versus Film School in January of 2011.

Ron Mann is a Toronto-based documentary filmmaker who is best known for such titles as Grass, Poetry in Motion, Comic Book Confidentialand Go Further. In addition to making films, Mann and veteran Toronto film and music promoter Gary Topp distribute films in Canada under the banner Films We Like.

Fernando 'Pino' Solanas

World acclaimed political filmmaker Fernando ‘Pino’ Solanas visited the Film Studies department in February 2011. During his three-day visit, he worked with undergraduate and graduate students, mentoring four different short films. He participated in two seminars with an interdisciplinary group of researchers, debating matters of globalization, culture and representation and two of his most recent documentaries were screened to a full auditorium, followed by a Q&A session. Please click on the screen to view excerpts of the exclusive interview that Solanas did with us.

Fernando Solanas is the director (with Octavio Getino) of the canonical film The Hour of the Furnaces (1968). Also with Getino, he wrote the equally influential manifesto “Toward a Third Cinema”.

Currently a member of Argentina’s National Congress, his more recent work as a filmmaker includes the documentaries Memoria del saqueo / Social Genocide (2004) and Tierra sublevada: Oro Impuro (2009).

Gorin and Me

Gorin and Me is an experimental documentary that adheres to minimalist and guerilla principles of production to recollect Jean-Pierre Gorin's 1974 appearance at the University of Western Ontario. Working from the original analogue audio recording, a collective of undergrads, graduate students and staff translated the event into a visual record with animated hand drawn illustrations. The project was mentored of Fernando Solanas during his visit to Western University in 2011.

The title is a reference to a chapter in Martin Walsh's book "The Brechtian Aspect of Radical Cinema" from 1981.