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Michael Raine , Ph.D. (University of Iowa)

Office: UC 80
Phone: 519-661-2111 ext.


Teaching in 2013/2014
Film 2243F: New Wave Cinema in Japan
Film 4490F/9212A: Wartime Image Culture in Japan

Teaching in 2012/2013
Film 2251E: World Cinema
Film 2253E: American Cinema (fall term)
Film 2246G: Japanese Cinema

Areas of Interest:

Film Studies, Cultural Studies, Asian Studies. Research interests in World Cinema, especially Japanese cinema: the transition to sound, wartime image culture, and the Japanese new wave. Also pragmatism as film theory, and subtitling as an historical practice and an aesthetic problem in the relation between text and image in the cinema. Developing "digital humanities" tools for teaching and research in film studies.


Iam available to supervise graduate student dissertations in the following areas:
• World Cinema
• Japanese Cinema
• Digital Humanities

Graduate Dissertation Supervisions to date:
• Trauma and Representation in Teshigahara Hiroshi. University of Chicago, 2010.
• Women Take the Reins: Star, Social Discourse, and the Duality of Readership in the 1950s Western. University of Chicago, 2010.
• Miyazaki Heroines: Nausicaa and the Shoujo. University of Chicago, 2009.
• A Philosophical Investigation of the Political Meaning of the Barricades ~ Schiller, the Zenkyoto Movement, and the Notion of Play. University of Chicago, 2009.
• Marriage, Modernity and Stardom in Postwar Japanese Cinema: Melodrama and the Production of the Modern Female Subject. University of Chicago, 2007.
• Human Remains as History. University of Chicago, 2007.
• The Shock of a Contemporary pan-Asian Vernacular Film: Three…Extremes. University of Chicago, 2007.
• International Influence:  Hyon-Mok Yu’s Aimless Bullet (Obaltan). University of Chicago, 2005.
• Translation and Its Discontents: Akira Kurosawa’s Throne of Blood. University of Chicago, 2004.
•Secrets and Secretions: Trinh T. Minh-ha and Ethnographic Filmmaking. University of Chicago, 2004.
• The Concealed “Cinematic Space” of the American Occupation of Japan: A Case Study of Humphrey Bogart’s Tokyo Joe (1948). University of Chicago, 2004.

Ph D (as advisor)
• Reflecting Hollywood: Mobility and Lightness in the Early Silent Films of Ozu Yasujiro, 1927-1933. University of Chicago, 2011
• Moving History: The Great Kanto Earthquake and Film and Mobile Culture in
Interwar Japan. University of Chicago, 2011
• Cinema of the interval: Stop-motion animation and Japanese film aesthetics. University of Chicago, 2010.
• Arts of Engagement: Art and Social Movements in Japan's Early Postwar. University of Chicago, 2010
Also served on dissertation committees for research projects on Hong Kong action cinema, Chinese musicals and migration, Japanese widescreen cinema, and others.

Selected Publications:
• 2014 "From Hybridity to Disperation: film subtitling as an adaptive practice" in Media and Translation: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Bloomsbury)
• 2014 "Adaptation" in The Oxford Handbook of Japanese Cinema (Ed. Daisuke Miyao)
• 2012 "Introduction to Matsumoto Toshio" and translation of Matsumoto Toshio. "Zen'ei kiroku eiga ron" [On Avant-Garde Documentary] in Cinema Journal 51.4
• 2007 "Modernization without Modernity: Masumura Yasuzo's Giants and Toys", in Julian Stringer and Alastair Philips (Eds.) Japanese Cinema: Texts and Contexts. Routledge
• 2002  “Youth, Body, and Subjectivity in Japanese Cinema, 1955-60” PhD dissertation, University of Iowa
• 2001  “Japan as Punishment Room in Ichikawa Kon’s Shokei no heya” in James Quandt (Ed.), Ichikawa Kon. (Cinematheque Ontario)
• 2000  “Ishihara Yujiro: Youth, celebrity, and the male body in 1950s Japan,” in Wording the Image (Cambridge UP)

Work in Progress:
A manuscript on Japanese New Wave cinema
A manuscript on Ozu Yasujiro Against the Culture of the Sound Image in 1930s Japan
A project on Japanese wartime image culture


Department of Film Studies - Western University
University College Building, Room 79
London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 3K7
Tel: 519.661.3307

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