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Janelle Blankenship, Ph.D. (Duke University) Undergraduate Co-Chair

Office: UC 77
Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 87882


Teaching in 2012/2013
Film 1020E: Introduction to Film Studies
Film 9100: Research Methods

Teaching in 2011/2012
Film 1020E: Introduction to Film Studies
Film 9100: Research Methods

Areas of Interest:
19th-century optical technologies; early and silent-era cinema; German film history, European avant-garde, popular science film.

Selected Publications:
“1 November 1895: Max and Emil Skladanowsky’s Wintergarten Program” Forthcoming in New History of German Cinema   ed. Jennifer Kapczynski and Michael Richardson (Camden House; 2011/2012).

• “Film-Symphonie vom Leben und Sterben der Blumen”: Plant Rhythm and Time-Lapse Vision in Das Blumenwunder,   Intermédialités: histoire et théorie des arts, des lettres et des techniques/ Intermediality: History and Theory of the Arts,   Literature and Technology, No.16 (Fall 2010), p.83-103.

• “(Don’t) Look Now: Hallucinatory Art History in Who was Edgar Allan?” Companion to Michael Haneke, ed. Roy Grundmann   (Blackwell Press, 2009), 279-300.

• “To attract/to alternate? The Skladanowsky Experiment,” Cinema & Cie: International Film Studies Journal no. 9 (2007),   61- 79.

• “Liste für gebrauchte Films zum Verkauf: Used Films for Sale in Germany and Austro-Hungary in 1913.“ In Networks of   Entertainment: Early Film Distribution 1895-1915 ed. Frank Kessler and Nanna Verhoeff (Amsterdam: John Libbey Press:   2007), 180-195.

• “Leuchte der Kultur: Imperialism, Imaginary Travel, and the Skladanowsky Welt-Theater.“ Martin Loiperdinger, ed. KINtop:   Jahrbuch zur Erforschung des frühen Films 14-15 (Fall 2006), Sources and Perspectives on Early Cinema, 150-170.

• "Arno Holz vs. Thomas Mann: Media Fantasies of Modernism." Modernist Cultures, Vol. 1, No. 2: (Winter 2005), 72-109.

• “Futurist Fantasies: Lukács's Early Essay 'Thoughts Toward an Aesthetic of the Cinema.'" Polygraph 13 (2001): 21-36.

• Intro., Media and Spatiality in Deleuze and Guattari. Specialissue, Polygraph, An International Journal of Culture and Politics   Vol. 14 (2002).

• Ed. and Intro., Media and Spatiality in Deleuze and Guattari. Special issue, Polygraph, An International Journal of Culture   and Politics Vol. 14 (2002). Features essays by Félix Guattari, Tom Conley, Eleanor Kaufman and others.

• Translations and Reviews published in New Formations, New German Critique, Polygraph: An International Journal of Culture and Politics, and International Lukács Jahrbuch.

Honors and Distinctions:
• Postdoctoral Fellowship, Pembroke Centre for Teaching and Research on Women, Brown University, 2004-2005 [Magnifying   Time and Space: New Ways of Seeing in the 19th-Century]
• International Collaborator, SSHRC Standard Research Award, Animation de l’image et juxtaposition d’images: Émergence   d’une culture iconique et avènement d’un langage visuel, Principle Investigators: Andre Gaudreault and Bernard Perron,   Université de Montréal, 2007-2010
• Principal Investigator, International Research Award:Educating the Nation: Magic Lantern as Propaganda and Mass Medium   in Imperial Germany, University of Western Ontario, 2008-2009
• Nominated, Marilyn Robinson Award for Excellence in Teaching, Univ. of Western Ontario, 2008
• USC Teaching Honour Roll Award of Excellence, University of Western Ontario, 2007, 2008
• Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow, Department of German, New York University, 2005-2007
• Fulbright Scholar, Comparative Literature, University of Vienna, 1994-1995

Work in Progress:
Ed. (with Tobias Nagl), European Visions: Small Cinemas in Transition, forthcoming (Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag, 2011/2012).


Department of Film Studies - Western University
University College Building, Room 79
London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 3K7
Tel: 519.661.3307

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