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Overview of Modules


The School of Health Studies offers students a variety of ways to pursue a Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) degree. Students apply to the School of Health Studies and participate in a common first year of study before applying for admission to a specialization or major prior to their second year.

All modules within the School of Health Studies are limited enrolment programs. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

Specializations and Majors

Health Sciences (Honors Specialization, Specialization, Major)

These modules provide you with an opportunity to expand your knowledge in the interdisciplinary field of health.

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Health and Aging

The module provides students with an understanding of the health issues of older adults and the associated effects on health care services. It affords knowledge and skills to work in programs and services geared to older adults.

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Health Promotion

The dynamic field of Health Promotion has been growing over the last decade and is now a critical emphasis within the public and private sectors. Health Promotion, which can be described as 'making the healthier choice the easier choice', is a multi-dimensional field of study that helps students acquire health-related knowledge in both the social sciences and life sciences.

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Health Sciences with Biology

Students will combine the core life sciences (Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology) with the holistic approach to health and wellness.

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Rehabilitation Sciences (Honors Specialization, Major)

These modules help students understand the fundamental factors associated with identifying, treating, and rehabilitating members of society with a goal of improving qualify of life. Rehabilitation Sciences explores the theories underlying rehabilitation of children and adults as well as studying the impact and effects of mental health, disease, and human movement. See the bottom of this page for information regarding the Minor in Rehabilitation Sciences.

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Community Rural Health Development

Effective September 1, 2016, admission to this module was discontinued. Students registered in the module prior to September 1, 2016 will be permitted to continue in the module with the understanding that they must complete the requirements before September 1, 2020. Effective September 1, 2020, the module will be withdrawn.

For students already enrolled in the module, please follow the module detailed in the Academic Calendar.


Health Sciences

The Minor in Health Sciences is intended for students enrolled in other faculties who want to add a Health Sciences perspective to their undergraduate degree. Students must have a minimum average of 60% in Health Sciences 1001A/B and 1002A/B. For required courses see Western’s Academic Calendar.

Rehabilitation Sciences

The Minor in Rehabilitation Sciences is intended for students enrolled in the School of Health Studies. For information regarding the Minor in Rehabilitation Sciences, please refer to Western's Academic Calendar.