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MClSc - Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a listing of some of the most commonly asked questions by prospective students.

I have not been in university for a number of years and am having difficulty getting two academic references. Can I ask someone else to complete the letter of reference?

I wish to apply to the manipulative therapy field and have completed my level II upper and lower courses; however, I will not have 2 years clinical experience at the time of my application. Can I still apply?

If I complete my online application by the first week of March but required transcripts and letters of reference are not available until later, what will happen to my application?

When can I expect to hear whether I have been accepted into the program?

How do I know whether you have received all of the required components of the application and my application is complete?

Am I eligible to apply as an international student?

I received training in Canada, but am working abroad. Am I still able to participate in this program?

If English is not my first language what do I need to do?

I am exempt from a number of the courses of this program. Am I still responsible for the full-time graduate tuition fees?

When and where do I provide proof of Malpractice Insurance?

Are there any additional fees outside of my tuition fees for the school year?

Will I have access to computer resources after class hours?

How much time am I expected to devote to the program?