Occupational TherapyWestern Health Sciences

Intensives (OT9662)

Intensives in Occupational Therapy (OT9662) offer students an opportunity to explore certain issues related to occupational therapy in greater depth. Students are required to take two Intensives.

Availability of Intensives

Intensives include up to 18 hours of classroom time each and are offered on Friday mornings and afternoons during the winter term of Year 2. Intensives may be offered in a variety of formats (e.g., workshop, seminar, labs, etc.).  Each Intensive has its own learning outcomes. The Intensives available each year are determined by a consensus decision of faculty members based on the basis of proposals for Intensives submitted in the winter term of the previous year by interested parties.

Selecting Intensives

In the fall term of Year 2, students will be asked to select their preferences among the topics proposed for the following term. Information will be available for each Intensive to assist students in making an informed choice.

Practice Contexts

Each Intensive may be specific to one or more practice contexts.

Sample Topics for Intensives