NursingWestern Health Sciences


Compressed BScN Curriculum

The 19 months of the Compressed Time Frame (CTF) Program span two academic years. Students take courses in the summer of the first year of the CTF program, before completing two terms of courses in the second year.

Term 1: September to December

  • Nursing 1101W - Introduction to Health and Illness
  • Nursing 1103W - Introduction to Communication in Health Care
  • Nursing 1105Y - Introduction to Professional Nursing Practice
  • Nursing 1106Y - Professional Nursing Practice I
  • Pathology 2420A - Pathology for Nursing Students
  • Microbiology & Immunology 3820A - Microbiology and Immunology for Nursing

Term 2: January to April

  • Nursing 2201X - Health and Illness in Adults
  • Nursing 2203B - Therapeutic Relationships in Nursing
  • Nursing 2205Y - Introduction to Adult Health Professional Nursing Practice
  • Nursing 2206Y - Professional Nursing Practice II
  • Pharmacology 2060B - Introductory Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Term 3: May to July

  • Nursing 3324A/B - Community Health
  • Nursing 3325W/X - Professional Practice III: Community Health
  • Nursing 3341A/B - Mental Health Promotion
  • Nursing 3345A/B - Professional Practice III: Mental Health

Term 4: September to December

  • Nursing 2204B - Professional Nursing Issues I
  • Nursing 3300 - Professional Nursing Issues III
  • Nursing 3319A - Research Methodology in Nursing
  • Nursing 4441W - Child Health and Family Nursing
  • Nursing 4442W - Professional Practice IV: Child Health and Family Nursing

Term 5: January to April

  • Nursing 4496X - Integrative Practicum: A Synthesis