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Meet Scott

Meet Scott

Scott (back row in green hat) participated in the annual Health Sci Games.

Hometown: London, Ontario

Program: Western-Fanshawe Collaborative Program

Year: 4th Year

Favourite thing about Western: The community. Despite the immense population, it would be rare I did not cross paths with someone I know each day. Western is a place where I have been able to foster a great deal of positive, lasting relationships.

Why Nursing: Nursing wasn’t high on my list of potential careers in high school. Then I took biology. I loved it. I’m also very much a people person, and developed an interest in health care. Once I started looking, it became clear that nursing was an incredibly versatile program that prepared you for any number of roles in the health care field. Since first year, I have continued to discover many more opportunities that are available to nurses. It’s a great program that will leave me with virtually limitless possibilities down the road.

My campus/community involvement: I have been fortunate enough to serve two terms on the Nursing Students’ Council, once as the liaison between Western and Fanshawe and the other as President. I have participated in intramurals at Fanshawe, Health Sci Games at Western, nursing dodgeball tournaments and a variety of charitable events in the last three years. One of my favourite annual events is the Nursing Formal. Outside of school, I volunteer as a co-lead for a local youth group at a United Church. Since first year, I have held jobs at a long-term care facility, LHSC Victoria campus, and Parkwood Hospital.

Best place to study: Off-campus is the best way to find a truly quiet area free of distraction, but I often have made use of spare rooms in the nursing building when they are unoccupied.

My favourite class: I have become passionate about Thanatology (scientific study of death) recently and thoroughly enjoyed discovering more about the journey of death and bereavement for clients and families. I would definitely go back to first year anatomy if I could, however.

Best place to eat on campus: The Spoke has great food, but there are lots of good choices in the UCC. I usually bring a packed lunch and eat at a booth in The Spoke so we can squeeze in a game of pool before class.

Best way to meet other Nursing students: GET INVOLVED! Go to as many events as you can. They are absolutely the best way to get to know other students.

Mustangs take the field

For Scott, nothing says Western like cheering on the Mustangs to a football victory at TD Waterhouse Stadium.

Three words to describe being a Health Sciences student at Western: Intriguing, exhausting, and enriching.

What I want to be when I grow up: Start with Registered Nurse. Then I’ll go from there. Perhaps being a Nurse Practitioner is in my future.

Favourite Western “postcard” location: Sitting in the stands at TD Waterhouse Stadium watching the Mustangs win a game.

My favourite Western memory: I actually spent the first two years of my degree at Fanshawe, and I’ll never forget the party we had to commemorate our transfer from Fanshawe to Western. Our instructors gathered and gave an entertaining performance and our class had a chance to reminisce about stories over the first two years of our program.