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Meet Laura

Meet Laura

Now in her third year, Laura serves as the president of the Faculty of Health Sciences Students' Council.

Hometown: Sarnia, Ontario

Program: Western-Fanshawe Collaborative Program

Year: 3rd Year

Favourite thing about Western: Purple!! And Western's school pride.

Why Nursing: Nursing is not just a degree and its not just a job, its a lifelong career.

My campus/community involvement: Faculty of Health Sciences Student Council and University Student Council

Best place to study: Hidden in the stacks at Taylor Library.

My favourite class: Clinical placement on the Critical Cardiac Floor in University Hospital. I got to witness open heart surgery.

Best place to eat on campus: The Wave. I have been so many times I think I know the menu off by heart.

Best way to meet other nursing students: Since nursing is such small class sizes it is easy to get to know all your fellow nurses.

Homecoming crowd

School spirit is everywhere during a homecoming football game.

Three words to describe being a Health Sciences student at Western: Innovative, Passionate, Incredible!

What I want to be when I grow up: Well hopefully a registered nurse but I do plan to go back to school at some point and get my master's degree.

Favourite Western “postcard” location: UC Hill. I study under the tree whenever the weather is nice.

My favourite Western memory: Homecoming of my first year. I never really understood being passionate about your school until I saw the masses of students in purple and white on my first Western homecoming.