Student Projects and Opportunities

We are always looking for excellent students to join our lab. Please email Lisa Archibald regarding present opportunities.

Below is a list of projects students have completed in our lab:


  • Balilah, A. (2012, Master's Thesis). Sentence recall in monolingual and ELL with and without parental concerns about language development.
  • Cloutier, S. (2011, Master's Thesis). Predicting the language abilities of children.
  • Holmes, E. M. (2012, Master's Thesis). Altered auditory feedback causing changes in the vowel production of children with specific language impairment.
  • Noonan, N. (2012, Honours Thesis). Discriminating between linguistic and working memory demands in children's grammaticality judgments.
  • Vanderlaan, L. (2012, Master's Thesis). How do teachers teach students with working memory impairments in the regular classroom? A grounded theory approach.
  • Partridge, A. (2010, Honours Thesis). Working memory training in adults.
  • Molyneaux, H. (2010, Honours Thesis). Working memory intervention in school-aged children.
  • Tiessen, L. (2009, Honours Thesis). Parent’s rating of sentence recall.
  • Ferket, A.C. (2009, Honours Thesis). Short-term and long-term memory in preschoolers with language learning delays.

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