Research Team

LWM Group


Lisa Archibald, PhD - Principal Investigator

Lisa is an assistant professor in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Western. She received her Ph.D. in 2006 from the University of Durham in the UK, where she studied working memory and language disorders in children. Her research examines individual differences in working memory and linguistic skills, and how these link to communication disorders.


Marc Joannise, PhD - Collaborator

Marc is an associate professor in Psychology at Western studying the cognitive adn brain bases of language and reading.


Daniel Ansari, PhD - Collaborator

Daniel is an assistant professor and Canada Research Chair in Developmental Psychology at Western studying numeracy development.


Janis Oram Cardy, PhD - Collaborator

Janis is an assistant professor in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Western studying basic neural and genetic markers of language ability and disability in children.

Current Lab Members


Melanie Russell

Melanie is keeping us all organized as our lab manager. She completed her Honours Bachelor degree at Western.


Laura Pauls

Laura is a PhD student in Speech and Language Sciences. She most recently completed a clinical masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology at Western. Her research focuses on intervention for children with working memory and/or language impairment.


Nicolette Noonan

Nicolette completed her Masters degree in the Speech and Language Sciences field, and is soon to be beginning her PhD in Cognitive Psychology. Nicolette's work explores the role of explicit processes in statistical language learning.

Areej Balilah

Areej is a PhD student in Speech and Language Science. She obtained her Master's degree in Speech and Language Science from University of Western Ontario. Areej's research examines linguistic and cognitive assessment for monolingual vs. bilingual children with and without language impairment.


Monica DaSilva

Monica is entering her second year as a Masters student in the LWM lab. Her work is focusing on language acquisition.

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