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Intent to Register (ITR)

Students planning on returning next September must complete the Intent to Register process to be permitted access to course selection during summer registration through the Student Center. Most students will be able to complete the Intent to Register process using an online service available on the Student Services website. Students who are unable to complete the Intent to Register process online can receive a paper form from their Kinesiology Academic Counselling Office.


Intent to Register for the 2015-16 academic year takes place between February 3 and March 31, 2015.

Where and How?

Most students are able to complete the ITR process online.

Some students may required to complete and submit a paper ITR form, which can be picked up in the Kinesiology Academic Counselling Office. Students required to complete the paper ITR process are:

  • New concurrent degree students
  • Second degree students
  • First-year students continuing in a common first-year program

Year 1 Kinesiology Students

Support for Year 1 students is available through a series of online resources along with drop-in assistance in the Kinesiology computer lab.

Progressing Kinesiology Students

  • Students not making any changes to their program should log into the ITR system and select 'continue in current program'
  • Students should start from the beginning and reselect their program if they wish to:
    • Add or drop an additional module
    • Switch from the Major in Kinesiology to the Honors Specialization
    • Switch from one Kinesiology Honors Module to another
  • It is not necessary for senior Kinesiology students to select a 'Second Choice Option'

Transferring into Kinesiology

Non-Kinesiology students interested in transferring into the program are encouraged to attend the Kinesiology Tutorial on February 7 from 10:30-11:30 a.m. in NCB 101. This session will cover the Kinesiology Intent to Register Process as well as Kinesiology Progression Requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the entrance average to transfer into the Honors BA in Kinesiology?

  • To be competitive for admission students need a 70% average and no grade less than 60% on their courses from September – April.  Admission to the BSc in Kinesiology typically requires at least a mid-70s average.

Will Kinesiology admit students with an average less than 70% or a course mark less than 60%? 

  • Kinesiology first fills its class with students who meet the required average and minimum course mark stipulation. If space remains, students who have not met one or both of those requirements are then considered for admission.

Does the School of Kinesiology consider summer courses? 

  • Kinesiology does not reassess students for admission after summer courses.

What if I don’t have some/all of the Kinesiology pre-requisite courses? 

  • The School of Kinesiology will admit students to the Honors BA or Major in Kinesiology who have completed some or none of: Kinesiology 1088a, 1080b and Physiology 1021/2130.
    Exceptions: Students will not be admitted to the BSc without 2.0 1000-level sciences nor will they be admitted to the Sports Management Module without Business 1220E and Sociology 1020/1021E.

What if I have not taken a full course load?

  • The School of Kinesiology will admit students with a reduced course load.

What if I have not completed Grade 12U Biology or equivalent? 

  • Students who have not completed Grade 12U Biology or equivalent and are offered a space in the School of Kinesiology will be contacted and required to provide proof of completion of the course by July 31. Students who have not completed this requirement should investigate online/summer school options as soon as possible.

If my first choice is the BSc in Kinesiology should my second choice be the Honors BA? 

  • Review for Kinesiology is comprehensive. Students are reviewed for all Kinesiology modules starting with their first choice. For example, if a student selects the Honors BSc and is not eligible, they will be automatically be reviewed for the BA and then the Major in Kinesiology before they will be reviewed for their second choice.  A student's second choice must be a non-Kinesiology module.

What if I had extenuating circumstances that impacted my performance? 

  • The School of Kinesiology allows students to submit a Letter of Support to the Kinesiology Progressions Committee.  For more information on this process meet with a Kinesiology Academic Counsellor.