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Admissions & Applying

Admissions & Applying

Step 1: Choose Your Program

  • Master of Science (MSc)
    • Integrative Biosciences in Kinesiology
  • Master of Arts (MA)
    • Psychological Basis of Kinesiology
    • Sociocultural Studies of Kinesiology
    • Management and Leadership in Kinesiology
  • Psychological Basis of Kinesiology
  • Sociocultural Studies of Kinesiology
  • Integrative Biosciences in Kinesiology
  • Management and Leadership in Kinesiology

Both general and program-specific requirements (below) must be met to be considered for admission.

MA - MSc Admission Requirements

  • Graduation in Honors Kinesiology or equivalent with a first or high second class standing over the final two years (i.e., minimum of 75%) or graduation from an accredited university with an equivalent degree and standing.
  • Graduation in other related fields with a first or high second class standing over the final two years (i.e., minimum of 75%) and completion of any deficiencies that may be determined by the Kinesiology Graduate Affairs Committee.

PhD Admission Requirements

  • A minimum grade point average of A (75%) in courses taken at the master's level
  • A completed master’s degree with distinction in Physical Education/Kinesiology (or its equivalent) equivalent from an accredited university

Fast Tracking

“Fast tracking” occurs when a master's student is permitted to transfer to the PhD program prior to completion of his/her master’s degree. The admission requirements for fast tracking are as follows:

  • Application prior to the completion of 6 terms of study at the master’s level, but no sooner than the fourth term
  • Completion of master’s course work requirement with a minimum average of 80%
  • Letter of support from advisor and Advisory Committee indicating exceptional student
  • Substantial involvement in submitted original peer reviewed publication
  • Presentation to KGAC (Kinesiology Graduate Affairs Committee)by Student pertaining to proposed PhD research

Direct Entry

“Direct entry” occurs when applicants are admitted to the PhD degree following successful completion of a 4-year baccalaureate. The criteria for admission to a PhD degree via the direct entry option are as follows:

  • Successful completion of a 4-year baccalaureate
  • Admission average of at least 85%
  • Demonstrated capability of advanced research as evidenced by, for example:
    • successful completion of an undergraduate directed study or thesis course
    • participation in a professional conference, poster session, or publication
  • At least two strong letters of recommendation that specifically address the candidate’s research potential

Step 2: Select an Advisor

After choosing an area of study, applicants must select an advisor by contacting individual faculty members and discussing their research interests/possible projects.

Step 3: Application Process

 Please review the application timeline below for Kinesiology graduate program application deadlines. The responsibility rests with the applicant to ensure that all documents are submitted by the deadline.

Timeline for Kinesiology Graduate School Applications

Entry TermDateRequirements
September Entry November 1 Online applications open
June 15
Application submissions and all supporting documents must be received no later than June 15.

Online Application

Please complete and submit the online application with the following criteria:

  • Biographical information
  • Contact information
  • Statement of academic intent (if applicable)
  • Academic background
  • Electronic transcripts from Ontario universities/colleges
  • Professional background (if applicable)
  • A minimum of two academic references are required. If the applicant wishes to submit a third, this letter can be an academic or a character reference. References are collected electronically upon receipt of application. Based on the email contact information provided in the application, referees will be prompted to complete an online reference form. These letters of reference are also submitted electronically by the referee.
  • Proficiency in English Scores (if applicable) (applicant must have testing service send score electronically to Western)
  • Application fee ($100)

International Students

Currently, there are very few openings in Kinesiology graduate studies for international students and any available spaces are highly competitive. Excellent language capabilities and endorsement from a prospective supervisor are required, and only exceptional applicants can be considered at this time. BEFORE APPLYING, please contact the Graduate Program Assistant to be sure that applications are being accepted from prospective international students.

In addition to the general admission requirements, international students whose first language is not English, must provide evidence of proficiency in English as evidenced by scores on TOEFL or IELTS.