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Research Facilities

The School of Kinesiology is home to numerous research facilities and collaborations that allow students to enhance their learning experience alongside world-class researchers. Our faculty members have diverse research interests that span all areas of kinesiology and provide research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

Coca-Cola Exercise Physiology Lab

This Exercise Physiology Laboratory was made possible through support from Coca-Cola Bottling Ltd., with the purpose of being a teaching area for introductory exercise physiology, physiology of fitness, and sports injuries.

The laboratory contains:

  • A large treadmill
  • Plinth tables
  • Oxygen/co2 analyzers
  • Lactate/glucose analyzers
  • A separate area for body densitometry and anthropometric analysis
  • A metabolic cart
  • Anatomical supplies for the injuries area

Location: Thames Hall, Room 2108 (see map)

The Dr. A.W. Taylor Exercise Biochemistry Lab

Established by Dr. Bert Taylor in 1981, the Dr. A.W. Taylor Exercise Biochemistry Laboratory houses the research programs of faculty members focused on the effect of exercise on skeletal and cardiac muscle systems from descriptive and mechanistic approaches.

Location: Thames Hall, Room 2170 (see map)

The Dan & Martha Ross Sport Psychology Lab

The Dan and Martha Ross Sport Psychology Lab supports the research activities of faculty members dedicated to understanding the psychological drivers of activity and sport. Areas of investigation include group dynamics in team sports and mental imagery.

Location: Thames Hall, Room 4120 (see map)

Exercise and Health Psychology Laboratory

The Exercise and Health Psychology Laboratory has been designed to conduct exercise adherence intervention research as well as exercise intervention and health research.

The facility includes:

  • An exercise space where participants take part in structured and supervised exercise sessions—this is where participants are trained in the research exercise protocols.
  • Five separate suites that allow baseline and primary end point data collection in the areas of:
    • Cardiorespiratory fitness
    • Bone density and body composition
    • Psychological indices
    • Biochemical indices
    • Processes and analyzes

Participants are also provided with activity monitors to objectively measure their free-living physical activity away from the laboratory.

Location: Arthur and Sonia Labatt Health Sciences Building, Room 408 (see map)

Motor Learning and Control Research Laboratory

The fundamental research of the Motor Learning and Control Research Laboratory focuses upon the mechanisms responsible for 'inhibitory function' as well as those responsible for the 'movement of attention'. More applied, sport-related research focuses upon differences in 'advance cue use' and 'attention control' in athletes vs. non-athletes.

Location: Thames Hall, Room 4170 (see map)

Neurovascular Research Group

The Neurovascular Research Group (NRG) is home to both the Neurovascular Research Lab (NVRL) and the Laboratory for Brain & Heart Health (LBHH). The NRG studies the manner in which the sympathetic nervous system communicates with blood vessels and the heart in order to regulate blood pressure and the distribution of blood flow.

Location: NVRL - Thames Hall, Room 3110; LBHH - Arthur and Sonia Labatt Health Sciences Building, Room 402 (see map)

The Sport Management Lab

The Sport Management Lab is a resource centre for research and education activities of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students aimed at the effective and efficient management of sport and recreation.

Research projects include organization-environment relations in sport, sport marketing, sport careers (entry, retention), managerial leadership in sport, occupational stress and burnout of sport administrators and coaches. Gender and cultural diversity issues have been a focus of several projects.

Location: Thames Hall, Rooms 4120, 4125 (see map)

The R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation Exercise & Pregnancy Laboratory

Research at the R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation Exercise & Pregnancy Laboratory includes the effects of maternal exercise on carbohydrate metabolism and fetal outcome, the effects of nutritional intake and maternal exercise on gestational diabetes, and the effects of occupation and recreational physical activity on birth weight.

Location: 3M Centre, Room 2245 (see map)

The Barbara Brown Sociocultural Research Centre

The Barbara Brown Sociocultural Research Centre was was named to honour Dr Barbara A. Brown who died of cancer in the very early stages of her career as a Sport Sociologist at Western.

The Centre offers research facilities, resources and a computer laboratory for Graduate students, senior Undergraduate students, and Faculty members pursuing academic research in the areas of sport history, sport sociology, sport philosophy, and international/comparative aspects of sport.

Location: Thames Hall, Room 2122 (see map)

National Rowing Centre

Founded in 1986, the National Rowing Centre is is a unique partnership between the London Rowing Club, the Ontario Rowing Association, Rowing Canada and Western.

The Centre's mandate is to primarily benefit programs of Rowing Canada and the Ontario Rowing Association. These programs include athlete services, coaching education, rowing research and services to both local rowing programs and the Western rowing teams. The National Rowing Centre is the home base for Senior National Team athletes competing in:

  • Open women
  • Lightweight women
  • Lightweight men

Location: Fanshawe Lake

Fowler-Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic

The Fowler-Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic has provided specialized care for active people suffering from sport, recreation and fitness related injuries and conditions.

The clinic has gained the reputation as one of the leading sport medicine clinics in North America. The 16,000-sq. ft. facility provides a state-of-the-art environment for a multidisciplinary team of sport medicine professionals.

The team includes:

  • Sport medicine physicians
  • Orthopaedic surgeons
  • Physiotherapists
  • Kinesiologists
  • Pedorthists
  • Nurses
  • Radiologists and x-ray technologists

The clinic also features radiology suites, an ultra-sound suite, a hydrotherapy pool and a sport medicine store. In addition to providing quality patient care practitioners are committed to the pursuit of excellence in research, education, injury prevention and health promotion.

Location: 3M Centre, main floor (see map)