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Middlesex-London in motion

in motion

We all agree that we live in a special time and in a highly desirable region of our country. However, study after study has informed us that members of our society/community could, and should, make better choices to improve their health and decrease our reliance on the overburdened curative health care system. We can, and must, do better.
As Dean, I am writing to advise you that I am happy to lead the Middlesex-London in motion® Executive Committee. The Executive Committee, and a number of working groups are comprised of members from our city and county, our university, college, and elementary/secondary schools, our Parks and Recreation Departments, the Middlesex-London Health Unit and many private citizens. An impressive number of FHS professors, staff and students are also involved. I am very pleased to have Angie Mandich and other colleagues heading up our Research and Evaluation Committee, Anita Kothari and other colleagues are heading up our Knowledge Translation and Communication Committee. I hope that you will also support this important initiative designed to make our region "Canada's Healthiest Community

As you may know, in motion® is a nationally-recognized advocacy campaign designed to educate and excite members of our community to make better choices for their health, with particular emphasis on getting our citizens to be more physically active. Our community has many excellent programs already in place that share part or all of this mandate. We continue to partner with these groups and organizations to help them extend and advance their fine work through a social marketing campaign designed to get our citizens to adopt healthier lifestyles. Our approach is to engage, support, align, and celebrate these programs and their accomplishments. We also have our civic leaders have invested in the in motion® program.

We have gathered and analyzed the data from the baseline survey and this information is now being strategically used to guide our promotional campaigns, measure our impact over time, and compare our progress to other communities.

Our launch will unfold in three distinct phases. First of all, you will soon see a comprehensive promotional campaign launched throughout the city and country that will promote in motion®. We have recently launched our comprehensive in motion® web page (www.inmotion4life.ca ) and it can be accessed from the FHS web page as well as the web pages of our partner organizations. The site is designed to be a one-stop, comprehensive healthy living resource which provides visitors with information that’s been approved by public health professionals.  The healthy living information, tips, recipes and resources can be easily integrated into our citizens’ daily routines.

Secondly, we intend to launch a comprehensive media campaign to help spread the word about in motion®. We expect it to unfold early in the New Year. We believe that this is an effective method of spreading the work about the campaign and we want you to have a “heads up” of our plans.

Finally, the Executive Committee for Middlesex-London in motion® is pleased to advise you that an official launch is being planned for the early part of 2010, tentatively scheduled for the month of February (with an emphasis on Healthy Heart Month and Family Day.

Middlesex-London in motion® will achieve its vision of “Building Canada’s Healthiest Community” by promoting, supporting and encouraging residents to include physical activity and healthy living into their daily lives. We all understand the enormity of the challenge that we are undertaking. However, we can’t overestimate the importance of embarking on it at this time. We know you agree. This community has the commitment, energy, experience and motivation is in place to make a difference and we will – together. .

We will share more information about our activities in the near future.

Thank you for your personal and professional support.

Dr. Jim Weese, Chair

Middlesex-London in motion® Committee                       


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