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The University of Western Ontario Multi-Disciplinary Accident Research Team, in operation since 1974, has maintained a high level of expertise in the field of traffic safety. The UWO Team is funded by the Road Safety and Motor Vehicle Regulation Directorate of Transport Canada, whose objectives are to reduce the number of motor vehicle collisions, the severity of personal injuries sustained in collisions, and the amount of property damage that is occurring on the nation's roads.

In order to fulfil their mandate, the Directorate has established a network of university-based multi-disciplinary research teams, which carry out a programme of impartial in-depth investigations of motor vehicle collisions and complaints of safety-related motor vehicle defects. The term "Multi-disciplinary" indicates that the members of the teams are either full-time staff or consultants hailing from a diverse group of professions. Scientists, Engineers, Physicians, Coroners, Psychologists, Police Officers and other specialists scientifically analyze motor vehicle collision data to determine vehicle crashworthiness and injury causation. Subsequently, the teams recommend to the Directorate improvements to the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS) or the need for new standards.

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