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Meet Our Research Supervisors

  • Audiology

  • Speech-Language Pathology

Research Supervisors Research Interests

Allen, Prudence

  • Assessment of developmental changes in chidren's ability to process complex sounds
  • Central auditory processing disorders
  • Effects of noise on academic skills and achievement

Dietz, Mathias

  • Binaural Interaction
  • Cochlear Implants
  • Spatial Hearing
  • Auditory Neuroscience
  • Binaural Models

Jennings, Mary Beth

  • Adult aural rehabilitation
  • Goal attainment scaling
  • Perceived self-efficacy
  • Barriers and facilitators to hearing assistive technology use
  • Stigma and disclosure of hearing loss
  • Workplace accessibility
  • Universal design principles for hearing

Johnsrude, Ingrid

  • Diagnosing and treating hearing problems
  • Hearing impairment
  • Brain disease in the aging and elderly

Macpherson, Ewan

  • Spatial and binaural hearing by hearing impaired and normally hearing listeners
  • Effects of cochlear implant processing strategies on spatial hearing
  • Active sound localization via listener head movements
  • Application of virtual auditory space techniques to audiological research
  • Processing and representation of auditory space in the mammalian auditory system

Moodie, Sheila

  • Integrated Knowledge Translation
  • Moving evidence into clinical practice
  • Changing practice behaviour / implementation science
  • Family support & education for children with hearing loss

Parsa, Vijay

  • Speech and audio processing
  • Hearing aids
  • Electroacoustic measures
  • Sound quality estimation
  • Handheld devices

Purcell, David

  • Auditory feedback and speech production
  • Physiological and behavioural measurement of auditory function, especially using speech evoked potentials and otoacoustic emissions

Scollie, Susan

  • Pediatric amplification
  • Hearing aid signal processing
  • Outcome measures

Stanton, Susan

  • The audiotory phenotype
  • Physiological measures of the human auditory system function
  • Genotype-phenotype relationships
Research Supervisors Research Interests

Adams, Scott

  • Speech and oral motor performance in neurological disease
  • Parkinson's disease, spasmodic dysphonia, apraxia, oral dystonia, essential tremor
  • Speech acoustics, speech physiology, auditory feedback

Archibald, Lisa

  • Interaction between language and memory in typical and atypical development
  • Role of memory in communication disorders

Cardy, Janis

  • Neural, genetic and processing underpinnings of language development and disorders in children
  • Overlap between developmental disorders such as language impairment and autism spectrum disorders

Doyle, Philip

  • Voice and voice disorders
  • Communication disorders associated with head and neck cancer
  • Laryngeal physiology and pathophysiology
  • Disorders of voice and speech related to head and neck cancers and laryngectomy
  • Perceptual psychophysics and measurement of voice and voice quality
  • Speech and voice acoustics
  • Measurement of quality of life associated with voice disorders and cancer

Martin, Ruth

  • Swallowing neural control
  • Swallowing rehabilitation
  • Swallowing impairment

Murray, Laura

  • Acquired neurogenic language disorders/aphasia
  • Cognitive-communicative disorders due to right hemisphere brain damage, traumatic brain injury, or progressive neurological disorders
  • Cognitive and communicative aspects of healthy aging
  • Language and cognitive assessment and intervention procedures

Page, Allyson (Dykstra)

  • Adults with motor speech disorders
  • Children, adolescents and adults with resonance disorders
  • Emphasis on communicative participation, speech perception and speech intelligibility

Orange, JB

  • Adult neurogenic language
  • Cognitive communication disorders including dementia, aphasia, right hemisphere brain damage and tramautic brain injury

Skarakis-Doyle, Elizabeth

  • Language acquisition in typical and atypical children
  • Pragmatics of language
  • Cognitive and social correlates of language
  • Interdisciplinary research based on the ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health)

Theurer, Julie

  • Speech, voice and swallowing in head and neck cancer
  • Swallowing rehabilitation
  • Health-related quality of life
  • Functional outcome measurement