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Meet Michael


Michael moved 3000 km across Canada to study audiology at Western.

Program: Audiology

Degrees Held: BSc (Alberta)

Next Steps: Work almost full-time as a clinical audiologist in a hospital (possibly paediatrics) and some part-time work as an audiologist at a private practice. Eventually, I would like to do some specialized training in vestibular audiology.

Why Western: I chose Western because of its strong reputation for graduate school, as well as being a leader in audiology research through the National Centre of Audiology. I chose audiology because I was a vestibular audiology patient a few years ago - during one of the tests that I was having done, I became instantly fascinated with the field. I also have several family members with hearing loss.

What inspired me to pursue an advanced degree: I was already working in healthcare in the field of transplantation, but in an unregulated role. I was looking for a change, and was looking to become a licensed healthcare professional - with the ability to work in hospital, but to also work in private practice or other sectors.

Favourite Western memory: Moving more than 3000 km to come to school and being welcomed by such a friendly cohort - the people are truly amazing, and the faculty really care about you.

Best thing about being a student at Western: The faculty members and your fellow students actually care about you - we are like a small family. We spend lots of time with each other, and that makes being away from home and all the academic stress that much more tolerable.

Advice to students considering Western: Do your shadowing/volunteer hours early on, and be sure to see a variety of different clinics - there are several different areas of audiology that one can pursue work in.