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Meet Matt


Being born with a hearing impairment inspired Matt to pursue a degree in audiology.

Program: Audiology (2nd year)

Extracurriculars: Research Assistant - National Centre for Audiology

Degrees Held: BSc (Western)

Next Steps: I would like to work as an audiologist in a children’s hospital or in a clinic that deals with a large pediatric population somewhere within Ontario. I would like to have a role in the Ontario Infant Hearing Program. Sometime in my career I would also like to get involved with some research and development with hearing aid manufacturers.

Why Western: I chose Western because it is one of the four schools in Canada that offer an Audiology program and it is the only English program in Ontario. Western is known globally for having an excellent audiology program and it is the most reputable program in Canada.

What inspired me to pursue an advanced degree: I decided to pursue an advanced degree because audiology was the career path that I wanted to follow from day one of my university career. An advanced degree obviously increases your chances of finding a career after university and is almost crucial in this day and age to ensure employment out of university. I specifically chose audiology because being born with hearing impairment, I felt that I had the personal experience to excel in and be passionate about the field. The job market for audiology is huge and it keeps growing as more and more people need/are wearing hearing amplification. There are also many career options within audiology, including clinic/hospital employment, working in the noise reduction/hearing conservation field, working in research and development, working for hearing aid manufacturers (sales, tech support, etc.), and opening up your own practice.

Favourite Western memory: My favourite Western memory is experiencing homecoming every year. Homecoming at Western is awesome. I love getting up bright and early, getting decked out in purple, screaming at the football game, and celebrating at the classic bar The Ceeps every year. 

Best thing about being a student at Western: The best thing about being a student at Western is that there is always something to do! Western offers so many clubs and events and it is so easy to meet people! Downtown London offers many restaurants and bars/pubs/clubs that are always busy with student activity. Our class is small (18 students) and has grown to be tight so we all experience the Western bubble together!