Communicative Participation Lab

The Communicative Participation Lab is part of the School of Communication Sciences & Disorders at Western University. We are interested primarily in examining the relationships among communicative participation with speech measures such as speech intelligibility in individuals with a variety of communication disorders such as the dysarthria associated with oromandibular dystonia (a movement disorder affecting the lips, tongue and/or jaw), Parkinson’s disease and velopharyngeal inadequacy (a speech/voice disorder associated with dysfunction of the structures that allow closure between the oral and nasal cavities called the velopharnygeal (VP) port).

Our lab is directed by Allyson Dykstra, an assistant professor and speech-language pathologist.

We are actively recruiting talented and qualified students from the MSc program in Speech and Language Science, the MSc program in Rehabilitation Sciences or the MClSc program in Speech-Language Pathology. Individuals who possess an interest in the areas of communicative participation, speech intelligibility, motor speech disorders or VPI are encouraged to submit a current CV and a brief description of their area of interest to

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Contact Information

Allyson Dykstra, PhD
Director, CPL
Assistant Professor
School of Communication Sciences and Disorders
ext. 88940

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