Rechnitzer Lecture


Blood Flow to Exercising Muscles: New Insights to Age-Old Questions


ProctorDavid N. Proctor, PhD

Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Physiology
Penn State University
Joint appointment in the Penn State College of Medicine (Hershey Medical Centre) Appointment at the Noll Laboratory


Dr. Proctor's research is in the areas of physiology of aging and exercise and particularly the cardiovascular responses to exercise, control of skeletal muscle blood flow and sex differences in vascular aging.  His contributions in these areas have been recognized with conference speaker invitations at the American Physiological Society Integrative Biology of Exercise (2004) and American College of Sports Medicine Integrative Physiology of Exercise (2006) meetings.  He has been a regular contributor in Canada, at a Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology symposium (2003), the Ontario Exercise Physiology meeting (2004) and the Canadian Federation of Biological Sciences Biology of Aging conference (June, 2008).  Dr. Proctor has received funding from the National Institutes of Health for the period 1995‑2005 and 2005‑2010.  At this early point in his career, Dr. Proctor has published approximately 45 peer reviewed manuscripts.  He was an invited author for the 2006 special topic issue (The Microcirculation of Skeletal Muscle in Aging) issue in Microcirculation.  A recent series of papers, with his most recent doctoral student Beth Parker, have highlighted "sex‑specific differences in aging on exercise blood flow".  He is also a co‑chair of the production of the "ACSM Position Stand on Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults".


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