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Templates & Logos

Templates & Logos

Includes the following:

  • Western & Faculty Logos
  • Western Colours
  • Stationery
  • Email Signature
  • Electronic Letterhead
  • Powerpoint/Keynote

FHS Supplementary Fees/Charges Policy

The Faculty of Health Sciences recognizes the critical role that experiential learning has a positive impact on the education of our students. Increasing these types of school-sanctioned activities are key components of both the Faculty and the strategic plans of the University.

Given provincial legislation, coupled with institutional procurement policies, it is required that all supplemental fees and charges associated with any course-related activity be processed through the financial officers of the School through which the course is offered. These colleagues will collect and process all supplemental costs and charges associated approved academic courses, including but not limited to items like travel, accommodations, hotels, meals, another associated trip costs. The financial officer will process the supplemental fees and arrange for payment of invoices. A final financial statement will be prepared and filed in both the School and Faculty offices. The report will outline all of the revenue and expenses collected and dispersed for the trip.

Effective October 30, 2013