Faculty of Health Sciences

Work, Study, Learn and Grow (CLEAR)

Work, study, learn and grow

The Answer is CLEAR

CLEAR was developed as part of a Strategic Plan (2006-2011) for the Faculty of Health Sciences. Intended to provide a guideline of important principles to support faculty, staff, students and alumni, the elements of CLEAR combine to make FHS a great place to work, study, learn and grow.


COMMUNITY - The Faculty of Health Sciences is a caring community made of diverse elements working together to achieve the vision of the Faculty. Our sense of community is fostered by planned activities where we can all come together socially and informally.


LEADERSHIP - We have a vision of an effective, consistent and actively engaged leadership style that is demonstrated throughout the Faculty. This leadership style consists of being positive, honest and supportive, and utilizes good communication, recognition and a team approach.


EXPECTATIONS - People in the Faculty can expect to be treated fairly, to have a voice and to have their contributions appreciated. In turn, the Faculty of Health Sciences can expect that each member will meet the expectations of their role.


APPRECIATION - People in the Faculty of Health Sciences will be appreciated for their accomplishments and in turn will appreciate the benefits of working in this Faculty and in this environment.


RESPECT - Mutual respect for individuals is the foundation of a positive workplace culture that eliminates harassment, increases respect between coworkers and allows all voices to be heard and considered.