About the Neurovascular Research Group

The Neurovascular Research Group studies the manner in which the sympathetic nervous system communicates with blood vessels and the heart in order to regulate blood pressure and the distribution of blood flow.  We use a variety of techniques that assess sympathetic nerve traffic, blood flow patterns in arteries, vascular mechanics, and patterns of activation within the brain that are associated with autonomic cardiovascular control. Our programs of research include emphases on:

  • The Brain-Heart Connection: Cortical circuity involved in the control of the autonomic nervous system and the cardiovscular system
  • Recruitment patterns of the sympathetic nervous system
  • Reflex cardiovascular control in integrated systems
  • Post-junctional cellular regulation of the vascular response (e.g., neuropeptide Y1 receptors)

In applied studies, our studies emphasize the relationship between physical activity and vascular disease and neurogenic cardiovascular control. We collaborate with partners in Medical Biophysics, Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Medicine to address these basic and clinical questions. These programs, methods, and collaborations provide a multidisciplinary environment for a fruitful research and training experience.

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